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So far με We have managed so far: Filmed for eight days in a remote suburb of the Chilcotin Mountains, “So Far… We’ve Made It This Far” is a film about adventure, the bonds that are created when you are constantly on the edge of spiritual and physical boundaries, and the beauty behind from the sufferings of exploring the deep countryside. An adventure film by Peter Wojnar.

Hard Grit – Craig Evans: Loamers are easy – soft, catchy, forgiving. Craig Evans is tough, talented and relentless, and so he is able to make some of Yorkshire’s fattest, most square rocks look like a flow path. Pull out a chair and a pint of beer for four minutes of wild poetic driving in places where the tires have never been worn before.

A Trail Builder Wakes From Hibernation – MTB Earth: Spring has arrived! Our underground camera monitors a mountain bike trail builder who woke up from hibernation.

Max Nerurkar – Fun Exhibition: It combines art, skate, music and horseback riding. For Max Nerurkar, everything is fun.

Shore Water no.2 – Seymour: The North Shore Mountains of Vancouver are home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. Three equestrian areas, Seymour, Fromme and Cypress, each come with their own unique view of the steep terrain offered at the southern tip of the Coast. Each has a defined style of trails, brought to life by the builders and riders who call this land home. However, everyone shares the steep, deep and wet geographical landscape that tops the essence of Vancouver’s North Coast. A distinctive aroma emerges from the decomposing cedar logs, the juice, the clay and the moss to create a moist, moldy but also sweet smell. When this scent hits your nostrils as you pedal to the top of a path or get out of the bus van, it evokes memories of past rides and motivates your body for the next abrupt technical descent. This smell is Eau De Shore.

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Boogie Nights Reimagined: After a year of relentless weather, the Boogie Nights on Mount Seymour sponsored by Kona Canada needed some love and upgrades. Our team of volunteers, in collaboration with the NSMBA, worked tirelessly throughout the winter to bring new life to the trail. We are ready to share with you the fruits of their labor. Video: Eric Lawrenuk

Finn Iles – Shredding in Portugal with Francisco Pardal: Rupert Walker, Tommy and Finn Iles spent a week in Portugal filming before the first World Cup and that’s it! We split our time between the Lousa World Cup track and Francisco Pardal’s track at home. We owe Francisco a huge thank you for the hospitality along the way. He devoted a lot of time to the construction and we were the first to shoot it. I hope you like it!

Dane Jewett – Rolling Out: Here is a small video project with my brother and I working on the last two weeks. I hope you like it! Video: Jakob Jewett.

The world’s first helium injection wheels:Here at NOBL, we have worked tirelessly for years to advance carbon fiber technology, seeking to offer our valued customers every possible advantage when they go out on the trails. Today, we are proud to announce our most excellent product, HE37. These wheels share the same profile and specifications as our TR37 wheels, with one distinct and incredible advantage: They are sun-soaked. Brilliant engineers at NOBL headquarters have discovered a way to inject helium directly into the carbon assembly, trapping layer by layer of this glorious gas between each carbon fiber thread. The results were incredible at first, the wheels became lighter than air. This new technology will increase acceleration, make climbing easier, improve the liveliness of the trail and is guaranteed to double or even triple the height of your rabbit.

Niklas Tilk – Not over yet: Keep your horses, Niklas Tilk spent a year traveling all over Europe, smashing every spot in the eye. From freecoaster technology lines to deadman gaps. This video shows why Niklas is one of the most progressive 26 “road riders out there. Enjoy 12 minutes of VX street goodness.

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Trey Jones – Again & Again: We have always been fans of Trey Jones and watching him grow in the BMX community was nothing short of amazing. From his own unique riding style to the events he does, his passion is obvious, 100% BMX’er, what we are. Enjoy this treatment and what follows as Trey returns to Cult Crew.

Civilized – Dillon Lloyd: The man, the myth, Buck. Wethepeople Pro Dillon Lloyd falls for a brand new video shot at his Montreal home.

BMX Colony in Arizona: Come with Steve Woodward, Paddy Gross and Joey Battaglia for a 6-day trip to Arizona for the Colony BMX.

Riley Hawk’s “Nepotism” Part: Riley flies under the rails and attacks some shores while Turnstile steps on the soundtrack.

Video Days – Jason Lee Part: Jason Lee’s part of “Video Days”, originally released in 1991. A skateboard movie by Spike Jonze.

How Skateboarding HD went: A story of the camera that pushed the skateboard in HD: the Panasonic HPX-170. The HPX (and its bigger brother, the HVX) have become the weapon of choice for some of the most important skating filmmakers. But why?

Digital vs. Practical Downloads at Mad Max: Fury Road: TIFF’s Matt Brown’s The Cinema of Survival: Mad Max Fury Road’s how the audience received and celebrated the practical elements of Mad Max: Fury Road, the impressive fourth entry in George Miller’s post-apocalyptic action series, in an increasingly digital front landscape.

Surfers Not Street Children: Surfers Not Street Children is a charity that uses surfing to intervene in the lives of street children in South Africa and Mozambique. Stance had the idea to give the team an experience that would not only keep them alive but also inspire thousands of street kids back home to turn from street life to surfing. So I met the kids in Edinburgh and started recording the trip to the Scottish Highlands and up to a promising surfing forecast at Thurso. From drinking Iron Bru, watching snow, feeding wild deer, learning about Shinty and getting into Scottish barrels, there have been many firsts on the journey and it has been a real pleasure to experience them with the crew along the way.

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Monumental – Skiing in our National Parks: A Ski Movie Like No Other, Monumental – Skiing Our National Parks, celebrates 100 years of US National Park Service by paying tribute to these monuments of nature and loneliness, reminding us skiers where we come from and that we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Partly a documentary and partly an action-adventure film, Monumental follows contemporary explorers through the lens of KGB Productions, with skiers Andy Mahre, Lynsey Dyer, Griffin Post, Colter Hinchliffe, Kalen Thorien, Greg Hill, Max Hammer and Connery Lundin at Yellowstone National. Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park and Olympic National Park.

A True, Loyal Friend Indeed – Steam Of Life: In this clip from “Steam of Life”, a Finn describes one of his best friends. Now, we have all heard of the “man’s best friend” in the past, but when this man’s friend is revealed, his identity is surprisingly funny and unexpected! From a country of long, dark winters comes “Steam of Life”, a moody, comedic and moving study of Finnish men framed by a national obsession with the sauna. There, they come together to sweat not only the dirt of modern life, but also their sadness, hopes, joys and memories. Beautifully and fundamentally shot, the acclaimed film provides a stunning look at the lives of Finnish men and a remarkable depiction of the troubled and often wary hearts of modern Western men.

Photo: Kaz Yamamura

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