Morbius Opens $ 84 Million Box Office, Sinister Six Plans

Morbius, pale and sick, lies shirtless on a hospital bed next to a heart rate monitor.

Screenshot: Sony Pictures

The Morbius the Living Vampire The franchise can live to vampire another day. Despite the plethora of bad reviews, the latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man-Less Cinematic Universe grossed $ 84 million worldwide in its first weekend. It is by no means largebut it is also probably good enough for Sony to continue to follow Spider’s plans to continue building towards a Sinister Six film.

The various Hollywood movie deals have very different views on whether the $ 84 million (as reported by Deadline) is a good start weekend for Morbius or a terrible. If you compare it to the latest Sony Spider movies, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Morbius looks sad; Slaughter earned $ 90 million over its opening weekend in the US alone, and that was just last October. Meanwhile, people making estimates in the coffers believed that Morbius would open at around $ 40-50 million.

On the other hand, as a character, Morbius does not have 39.1 percent of the recognition of Venom’s name, and Let there be a Massacre it was not full of bad reviews. In addition, even Sony believed that the film would earn about $ 33 million this past weekend, even if the film technically outperformed or the studio lowered their expectations. Morbius it would seem that surpassing them is unknown. Honestly, though, the best reason to look at $ 39.1 million as a (marginal) success is that the budget for Morbius was just $ 75 million to come out.

Although this is probably not enough for Sony to do Morbius 2: Vampiric Bugaloo still, I imagine it is good enough for the company to continue with its plans to make solo films next to Spider Kraven the Hunterstarring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson. I also think it is stable enough for Sony to keep trying Sinister Six The movie has been hot since I teased it Amazing Spider-Man 2despite the unbelievable awful way Morbius opened the path that leads there. But if The requirements tanks, and people do not care about two-thirds of the supposed six (the third, of course, is Michael Keaton’s MCU that transplanted the Vulture), Sony would almost certainly have to adjust its plans. Can we humbly suggest …?

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