MORBIUS director Daniel Espinosa responds to 17% rating of Rotten Tomatoes

Morbius has received negative reviews from critics, with a low score of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now, director Daniel Espinosa has shared his reaction, but without surprise he chooses his words carefully!

Morbius is currently at 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the worst-selling comic books of all time. With an audience rating of 70%, there seems to be some disconnect between moviegoers and critics, though many fans seem to be disappointed with the Living Vampire debut on the big screen.

All of Sony Pictures’ Marvel movies not produced by Marvel Studios have taken on a terrific green touch on Rotten Tomatoes, but that has not stopped Poison franchise from finding success at the box office! In case that Morbiushowever, its opening weekend has turned out to be just as frustrating.

Insider recently spoke with director Daniel Espinosa and asked if he paid attention to what critics were saying, noting that his film currently has a low 17% rating.

“When I made my first feature film was a short film called ‘Babylon Disease.'” began. “I remember one day I went home on the subway and had a few drinks, so I was a little drunk. Someone pushed me on the train and said, ‘I have to tell you what’s wrong with the second scene in a row,’ and I was like, ‘Well, “The point I’m making is that it ‘s weird to do something so public.”

“Look, I hate myself a lot, so I have a lot of criticism for my work.” Espinosa went on, seemingly referring specifically to Morbius. “I always try to focus on getting better. But I’m also proud of what I do. There are places in all my movies that I’m really proud of.”

We will not be surprised if the director was a little more open about his experience afterwards, as it is clear that this film passed lot of changes. Tons of scenes from the trailers are missing, many of which suggest it Morbius it was once a very different movie from the one we all saw. Espinosa seems to support the film, so there is a chance he will be happy with the final product.

What did you think Morbius?

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scenes in Morbius trailers are missing from the movie!

8. Everything and everything about Adrian Toomes


Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes appears in all three trailers, and only in the latter do we have a scene from the film itself (and even then, the dialogue is completely different).

Combining these, it seems that Michael Morbius, at some point, was going to be transported to the back of a police van before falling into Thoms. They seem to have met by then, and we can only wonder if a few different moments have come together to look like one here. Regardless, the Vulture seems willing for the Living Vampire to stay in touch with him.

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We can only assume an earlier version of it Morbius he saw the world of Spider-Man combined with Venomverse, which means that Toomes was imprisoned there all this time (some kind of remodeling would no doubt cut the MCU ties). The fact that There is no way home that things have changed probably explain why the only surviving scene is Adrian being taken from prison by the police, although he has clearly been altered.

7. Michael Morbius is missing


In Morbius, Michael rents a cargo ship and some mercenaries so that he and Martin Bancroft can do their experiments in international waters. After transforming into a Living Vampire, he tears up the place and does short jobs with these rather unsympathetic assholes. With that, he turns on the radio for help, lets Martine escape, and jumps into the sea to swim home.

Authorities eventually conclude that Michael must have been there, but it seems that once upon a time there was a different plan. In this exchange of views between the good doctor and FBI Stroud agent Tyrese Gibson, we learn that the scientist has been missing for two months and was not seen again until the aforementioned cargo ship washed ashore on Long Island. This is a pretty huge change.

Clearly, Morbius’s origin story played out very differently in an earlier version of the film, and that could explain why the scene at the beginning with the vampire bats feels so completely out of place.

6. Oscorp


It is clear from the scenes after the concerts that there were sweeping changes in its echo Spider-Man: No Way Homehas been released, and we can only think that Sony Pictures once planned this movie to be the first we would see from Tom Holland web-slinger in their release for the Marvel Universe.

This is a scarier thought than being in Morbius’s fangs, but we also have a sneaky suspicion that they would use Multiverse to create a world borrowing data from all three. Spiderman franchises. In this shot, we see The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Oscorp – a site that definitely was not in this movie – leaving us with a long list of questions for the studio.

The only world in which these Marvel movies would undoubtedly work is Awesome one, but maybe it was just to mislead us all before There is no way homehis debut in theaters? Nor can we rule out the possibility that Morbius worked for Oscorp before switching to Horizon Labs.

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5. Tyrese Robo-Arm


We’ll talk more about this series later, but it wasn’t in the movie … and neither was Stroud’s robotic arm. In almost all of his scenes, Tyrese holds his hand in his pocket and it’s not until the end Morbius that we see his government improvements (which we are sure were not so much in your face as in the screenshot above). Even then, it is only temporary and does not matter.

A shot in Martine’s lab shows a government arm, so common sense says this may once have been a major complication of the film. As it stands, however, Stroud is merely an FBI agent, and Tyrese has none of the superheroes he has previously seen in interviews.

Morbius does not exactly have a huge execution time (it is only a few minutes longer than Venom: Let There Be Carnage), but maybe something did not work with Tyrese’s performance? It was always a fun presence at Fast & Furious movies, and none of what we saw was bad at all.

4. Conversation between friends


This exchange between Dr. Michael Morbius and Dr. Emil Nicholas appeared in all three trailers, but does not appear in the film itself. It seems that the paternal figure of the Living Vampire was trying to point him in the right direction here, most likely to serve as a mentor to the Nobel Prize winner.

While Nicholas is still playing a key role in Morbiusis primarily in Milo’s life as he tries to steer him in the right direction, eventually losing his life at the hands of this vampire.

There is a key moment between Michael and Emil here, although it feels great that Sony has at some point changed the focus of the film to focus more on the latter’s dynamics with Milo. Maybe they hoped to make Matt Smith’s villain a more balanced character? It didn’t really work as it was one of the worst parts of the movie and it was confusing to see Milo take precedence over Morbius.

3. Action scene in the forest


Between that, Stroud’s shot, and the police cars running through a park, certainly looks like a huge set in the woods once appeared in Morbius. We do not see enough to come to a real conclusion about what he looked like, but it is strange to see something that this great man has abolished.

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If we were to reject one theory, it would be that here the Living Vampire ended up fighting the FBI (and Stroud, in particular) with Martine trying to intervene and save Michael.

Whether this was the original ending of the film is debatable and it is certainly possible that the heavy final battle with Milo was a product of repetition. This is likely to end up in the deleted scenes of Morbius, as a lot of content was clearly shot for a sequence that ended up on the floor of the cut room.

2. Bitten By A Vampire;


Throughout Morbius, Stroud can see with a nasty scar on his throat that is never explained. Had he had a fight with one of the vampires in the movie we had never seen? It is a possibility, but as the FBI agent tells Michael that he is a hero here, it becomes clear that they once had a very different dynamic.

What we saw was a relatively simple story by Stroud who suspected that Morbius might be the killer they were looking for before they hunted him down. This scene suggests that he was actually among those who encouraged Michael to become a hero rather than a villain, a thread of the plot that was MIA from the final cut.

Before Morbiusrelease, Tyrese seemed extremely enthusiastic about joining Marvel Universe and even suggested he would be at MCU. The fact that he did not give a single interview to promote his release tells us that something went wrong. and most of his scenes ended up falling apart.

1. Spider-Man


While there is a version of this scene Morbius, there is no sign of the graffiti characterizing Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man as a murderer. It was always weird to see this screenshot from Spiderman video game in trailers and seems to be another remnant of Sony’s plans to bring Tom Holland web-slinger into this world (probably after their relationship with Marvel Studios broke down).

Was Holland going to replace Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in this world while wearing Tobey’s uniform? We would not put anything beyond Sony, but there is a chance that this was just a placeholder.

Either way, it’s very misleading for the studio to have a place Morbius with a Spider-Man tease like this, only for the wall-crawler to be completely non-acting in the movie. We are glad that it was not in many ways, but we can only wonder what is the real story behind this abolished “cameo”.

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