Mickie James Comments On Negative Reaction To His Latest Fan Photo

Mickie James has responded to the criticism she received for a photo she recently took with a fan at an autograph signing.

As seen below, the fan wrote on her Instagram Stories that she and Mickie James looked like they were getting ready to head off to prom. She would later receive criticism on social media, with many fans reminding her of Mickie’s marital status.

On Sunday, Mickie wrote a lengthy post on Instagram, clarifying that she personally asked fans to take photos at the GAW TV party because she thought “it would be funny and special because she was so supportive from day one.”

Mickie also informed that the fan is currently bidding on one of her signed dresses, and that she has donated nearly $4,000 to various charities supported by GAW TV.

Happy Easter Morning. Just Jump in your timeline for a bit of clarity here. It has come to my attention that our friend @leonard.linton.752 has been completely gutted on social media about this image so I felt the need to set things straight.

1) I am a grown woman. Mature enough to say no. Mature enough to choose whether I want to do something or not. & Mature enough to stand up for yourself if you have to. I really have been doing it my whole life. I really appreciate your love, concern & support but everything I see is so unkind & unreasonable.

2) I personally asked Leonard to take this photo with me at @gawtv & @tagmeinunited #DresslemaniaII party at @wrestlecon because I thought it would be funny and special because he was so supportive from day one.

3) The reason I asked Leonard to take this photo which I thought would be “fun” was because I knew he was bidding on a lot of dresses one of which was MINE. Over the past 2 Dresslemania events, Leonard has personally donated nearly $4000 to our charity. $2000 on my Dress alone which she ended up winning this year by going to @namicommunicate . (Swipe to see)

4) Yes; I’m not comfortable. Not because of this picture but because at this point I was exhausted. My shoe sucked, My body aches from 2 incredible matches; from signing all 3 days; starting from decorating, preparing, & holding this event. & weep for the entirety of the number of personal stories our peers share about our own struggles & victories.

5. The saddest part of all of this is if you had actually met Leonard, you would know he would never ask anyone to take this photo with him.

6. The biggest irony is that this event meant to bring people together about the importance of #mental health in & around this business caused a very good person, to have a Mental Disorder. It’s Embarrassing. I am sorry.

So I will remind all of us this Easter Sunday 2022

“Do not judge, lest you be judged.”

And to know; the rest is like this…

“For by the judgment with which you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure with which you measure, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2)♥️

Mickie James lost the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship to Tasha Steelz last month Sacrifice incident. He continues to appear regularly on the IMPACT and NWA programs.

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