“Metal Lords” on Netflix + More

Good Friday, screaming streamers! Trying to create clever new falsifications becomes difficult, but this author tries to keep things fresh. Now back to what you clicked on in this article: the huge tons of new movies and shows that are now available on your favorite streaming platforms. And whether you use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or all of the above, there are definitely many titles available for streaming. Getting started with the freshest choices is always the right way, so let us here at Decider help you figure out what to watch this weekend and where to stream it.

New movies and shows for streaming this weekend: Metal Masters, Elite: Season 5, I woke up: Season 2, and All the old knives

This is the last paragraph before the real fun begins, so we will keep it short but sweet! The choices this weekend are impressive, but let’s start with some highlights. On Netflix, there is the wild new musical comedy for adults Metal Masters and a new season of the Spanish drama series Elite. Hulu is also offering new installments of the original favorites with the release of Season 2 I woke up. And finally, Amazon Prime Video will be playing this weekend with the new thrilling thriller, All the old knives, where Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton dineā€¦ but only one manages to do it alive. Pant! Want to know more about these highlights and the rest of the weekend’s stellar lineup? Check out the rest of the success titles in the stream this weekend below:

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New on Netflix on April 8: Metal Masters

New on Netflix this weekend is Metal Masters, a musical masterpiece that will surely shake your world. This R-rated musical-drama tells the story of Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Jaeden Martell): teenagers unfit to start a heavy metal band with the goal of entering and winning the Battle of the Bands, which will beat them. the worship and respect they were always denied at school. However, this plan gets in the way when they find it difficult to recruit a bassist to their school where no one seems to be interested in metal music – except for a talented cellist who may be ready for work. Do not pay attention to the school environment, Metal Masters is not your average children’s movie! So if you’re in the mood to rock, take a look at one of Netflix ‘s top new movies this month: Metal Masters.

Drift Metal Masters on Netflix

New on Netflix on April 8: Elite Season 5

The favorite Spanish drama series of fans Elite returns for a new season on Netflix this weekend. The start of a new semester at the famous Las Encinas School means a new victim, a new perpetrator and a new mystery that students must unravel, while at the same time continuing to explore their own wild secrets. Full of juicy scenes, heartbreaking moments and dramatic pauses, this shocking series returns and is better than ever Elite Season 5.

Drift Elite Season 5 on Netflix

New in Prime Video April 8: All Old Knives

All Old Knives is the only thing we can talk about in Prime Video this weekend. Based on the novel of the same name, this thriller follows CIA agents – and former lovers, to add a juicy twist – to Henry (Chris Pine) and Celia (Thandiwe Newton) as they reunite to look into a case in Vienna. six years. before that he could have violated another agent. Haunted by their previous failures, the ex-partners (in more than one way!) Try to work together to understand what went wrong in that case, in order to leave behind the tragic events once and for all. But all it takes is a dinner to get things done worse – and one of them will not leave alive. Want to know what happens next? I’m watching All Old Knives this weekend.

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Drift All Old Knives in Prime Video

New in Hulu on April 8: I woke up Season 2

The original comedy series I woke up returns for another new season at Hulu this weekend. Young girl Starring Lamorne Morris returns as Keef, an up-and-coming cartoonist whose characters begin to come to life after a bizarre encounter with police. But this season, Keef is becoming more “awake” by becoming an activist who takes on the type of world where being “awake” has become a whole business. Will Keef successfully fight the good fight and win?

Drift I woke up Season 2 at Hulu

Complete list of new movies and shows on stream this weekend

The above options only scratch the surface, so you know that the complete composition of this weekend will have amazing choices for what to watch this weekend! For a full analysis of the best movies and shows for streaming right now, or if you still haven’t decided what to air this weekend, check out the full list below:

New on Netflix – Complete list

Released on Friday, April 8

Barbie It Takes Two: Season 1
Dancing on Glass * NETFLIX FILM
Elite: Season 5 * NETFLIX SERIES
Green Eggs and Ham: Season 2 * NETFLIX FAMILY
Tiger & Bunny 2 * NETFLIX ANIME
Yaksha: Ruthless Operations * NETFLIX FILM

Released on Saturday, April 9th

My notes on the release * NETFLIX SERIES

Released on Sunday 10 April

The call

New in Hulu – Complete list

Released on Friday, April 8

Leave the right one inside (2018)
I woke up: Season 2 * Hulu Original is over

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Released on Saturday, April 9th

American Sicario (2022)

Released on Sunday 10 April

The game of hate (2021)

New to Amazon Prime Video – Complete list

Released on Friday, April 8

All the old knives (2022) * Amazon Original Movie
Do, Re & Mi – Birdie Bowl Concert: Part 5 (2022) * Amazon Original Series

New on HBO Max- Full List

Released on Friday, April 8

A Black Lady Sketch ShowSeason 3 (HBO) Premiere
crabs in a barrel2022 (HBO)
My house2022 (HBO)
The Night House2021 (HBO)
When cleaning a stranger’s house2022 (HBO)

New to Disney + – Complete list

Released on Friday, April 8

Chasing the Mavericks

New in BritBox – Complete list

Released on Friday, April 8

Macbeth (2018) | New to BritBox 1 X 120

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