Meghan Markle sparks feminist with ‘whiney’ podcast about women’s empowerment

Meghan Markle has sparked outrage in feminist circles when she began exploring womanhood in the upcoming podcast Archetypes.

Royal expert Neil Sean claims a ‘leading feminist’ is coming for the Duchess of Sussex as Meghan continues to spread hypocritical claims.

Mr Neil told his Youtube channel: “This is a feminist movement that he is trying to pull himself into and it really backfired and you will be seeing a lot more of this in the next few days… because a feminist who is rather prominent will come. against Meghan Markle herself and here’s why.

“He certainly claims how Meghan could possibly be a front for this particular movement and as we have said.

“He was basically saying here is a woman who gave up her career, her religion, her family, her country, to come and live in another country all for the sake of marriage and the love of another man.

“What about radical feminists? How do you basically become your own woman?

“Now you can see this version of events from a point of view, can’t you. It’s not easy to digest when you say nicely that you have to stand up for yourself, don’t be the underdog.

“We know it’s not easy being the underdog, but when you think about how quickly Meghan gave up on being the underdog to give literally everything to be part of the family she said she knew nothing about, of course, to make sure that she married a man who he loves.

“What’s interesting here is that it depends on whether the podcast is engaging and certainly enlightening and as usual, the guests Meghan gets, I can’t see anything but one more problem with her because a lot of female lead writers in the UK have already said we don’t need it anymore. a whining podcast from women basically saying they are the oppressed when women now more than ever have a bigger and more powerful voice.

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“There are more female CEOs in the world than ever before. So Meghan as always has to tread very carefully if she is to get the right channel for such a very important podcast.”

Meghan’s Spotify podcast officially released this summer.

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