Meghan Markle ridiculed for ‘slaughtering’ the Ukrainian flag

Meghan Markle mocked for slaughtering Ukrainian flag

A study last year ranked Meghan Markle as the smartest member of the royal family. According to research, she is ahead of the rest of the family including Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth.

Although the study was published in December 2021, several royal fans, pundits and critics of Meghan took pictures of the Duchess after she visited the Netherlands for the Invictus Games.

A Twitter account known for its anti-Meghan posts mocked Meghan over the findings by sharing her painting of the Ukrainian flag in The Hague.

“Meghan Markle–the smartest, the brightest

Also Meghan Markle – Ukrainian flag butcher,” wrote the tweet, which included screenshots of Meghan’s workspace and painting.

The royal biographer retweeted the post and commented, “I don’t think he’s royalty anymore, because he doesn’t like it.”

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