Megan Fox Looks Done With MGK Poop In This Awkward Video

Awkward but life-giving video mega Fox angrily brushing Kelly Machine Gun has appeared online and I’ve never been so excited at the prospect of a failed relationship.

A video posted by Footwear News on Instagram (randomly, I know) shows the couple having a super chill interaction on the red carpet at the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards.

In the footage, Megan is seen glaring at daggers and MGK who steps aside as she tries to hug him. He then refused to face her and walked away, his eyes staring straight ahead as he laughed coyly. Human shame, I can smell fear.

Their awkward interactions didn’t go away from fans. It makes sense since the steam coming out of Megan’s ears is visible from outer space.

“Megan is not here for her crimes,” one commenter said.

“He doesn’t want anything to do with her lol,” said another.

“What is he doing sis?” write a third.

For some, a couple’s problematic interactions may be painful to watch because they are so awkward. But for me? Glorious. rejuvenate. Inspirational. Keep coming, please.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly might have been the funniest (and scariest) couple in Hollywood, but not anymore. It collapsed when it was revealed that MGK was publicly lusting Kendall Jenner when he was a minor. A whole creeps.

Since then he has canceled for me. All I can think of is how Megan Fox, who has been through a lot in this world, deserves someone who has no history of making creepy comments about minors.

Never in my life have I manifested the fall of a relationship so passionately. Every day I prayed that Megan would wake up from the magic the vampire man had given her. Free yourself from the shackles of his outcast form, boy! You can blow a kiss on him and the air will topple the guy over!

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But honey, maybe my dream will never come true. At least he pampered her, I guess.

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