MasterChef Australia 2022: Minoli De Silva’s ‘naughty’ kitchen move sparks shock response

A tense moment between the two favorites threatens to derail Tuesday’s serve challenge, with one chef deciding to take on his team-mates in a surprise move.

MasterChef stars Minoli De Silva and Mindy Woods were put to the test during Tuesday’s tense team challenge at a time that could easily have ended in disaster.

Minoli, from last season, and Mindy, from MasterChef season 4, emerged on the verge of an uncomfortable dispute over their main course during that evening’s serve challenge, with Minoli disagreeing with his team leader over the strength of flavour.

It came after fans and favorites were divided into teams and tasked with making a three-course meal for 40 guests, featuring Jerusalem artichoke in main, eggplant in main and raspberries in dessert.

During the cook, Minoli questions whether the favorite first course of the night has a strong enough artichoke flavor, reluctantly addresses the group while tasting their tuna tartare with artichoke chips.

“May I be honest? I can’t taste the artichokes in there,” Minoli told another.

“I live with artichokes,” Mindy replied curtly, as Christina Batista and Aldo Ortado from season 10 of season five agreed.

Speaking to producers, Minoli declined whether to “stick with his team” or stick to his guns, pointing out that he has less experience than them in comparison.

“It’s like having my mom’s food, and then saying ‘I don’t think that you’ve seasoned it right’,” he joked.

“I’m from last season, I don’t have much time outside the competition. All three have worked in the industry for years… (no) maybe I’ll tell them what to do… but my instincts tell me we should feature Jerusalem artichokes.

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“I’m just going to be naughty, I just won’t tell anyone,” he decided.

Taking matters into his own hands, the 35-year-old changed the dish a bit by adding a little Mirin to the sauce to “bring out the sweetness” in the artichokes.

Instead of rubbing his fellow chefs the wrong way, Minoli was praised for his bold move.

“Teamwork! I like it,” replied Mindy when she heard Mirin’s suggestion.

“I’m so glad you don’t mind talking… you’re a rock star boyfriend.”

But while the team operated like well-oiled machines, their main course still failed to match the fan-made artichoke dish made by vegetable queen and immunity pin winner Harry.

With former contestant Sashi Cheliah’s eggplant curry as the ultimate winner, it’s all up to dessert to decipher the winner.

In the end, it’s the raspberry fan’s friend that fills the brief, beating out the overall favourite.

MasterChef Fans and Favorites continues Wednesday night from 7:30pm on Channel 10

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