MAFS star Jules Robinson flaunts a 20kg weight loss in a frilly bra

Former MAFS star Jules Robinson exudes confidence after recently changing her lifestyle and losing 20 kilograms.

Jules Robinson is getting more and more confident after changing his lifestyle.

The reality show star and entrepreneur, who celebrated her 40th birthday last month in a fitted black dress, took to Instagram with a series of photos showing off her recent 20kg weight loss.

Ex MAFS the contestant took off her lacy bra, jeans and unbuttoned shirt as she opened up about “self-reflection”.

“Feeling seen as who you really are and supported is a desire that most women have,” she began the post.

“For me it is the choices I make about how I support myself that are the basis of how I emerge in the world for myself and the people I love.

“Self-reflection for me has always been the main ingredient. This helps answer the reasons behind the emotions that drive behavior. It highlights our strengths and illuminates the part of us that needs more support, love and affection.”

The 40-year-old’s post endorsed bra brand Berlei, where he went on to explain the importance of “love yourself”.

“Nothing can match a strong loyalty to yourself, knowing that no matter what you have and you have to choose the support you want to welcome into your life. On your terms. Always.

“With the support of this kind of unconditional love, it is you who can control your own destiny and happiness in life and inspire others to do the same. This is how we change the world.”

Jules, who has nearly a million Instagram followers, has fans flocking to the comments section to compliment the reality show star on how “amazing” she looks.

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“I wish I had that confidence and self-love but working on it every day, you are an inspiration,” one person wrote.

“What a brilliant message and campaign,” added a second person.

Even Cam couldn’t help but praise his wife.

“I saw my wife see (fire emoji). Grateful for this mirror and you,” he said, adding a few heart emojis.

Last year, Jules, who is an ambassador for Jenny Craig, spoke candidly about losing 20 kg of weight after the birth of her son, Oliver.

She said she waited several months before trying to lose weight and joining the Jenny Craig program has been “easy” for someone like her who has a “busy life”.

“I love my curves, I’ve embraced every part of postpartum and feel like I have the energy to focus on me for about eight months,” she said.

Jules and her husband Cam Merchant welcomed their son in October 2020.

The hairstylist-turned-underwear designer has been open about her body changes in the past, previously revealing how she gained weight as her relationship with Cam developed.

“I think when you move in with someone, Ryvitas’ lifetime single dinner, and tomatoes on toast,” he said. E! News back in 2019.

“You finally have a proper meal. You gain a little bit of weight when you’re in love and living with someone.”

Jules managed to lose 8 kg before marrying Cam in November 2019, telling that the popular kitchen tool has helped her lose weight.

“Cam and I have an airfryer at the moment and we’re kind of obsessed with putting it all in there. You feel like you own KFC and you don’t,” he said with a laugh.

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“It’s actually an amazing machine.”

Jules, who became famous in the sixth season MAFSis the owner of the ‘Figur by Jules’ shapewear line, which he launched in 2019.

“My goal is to help women feel comfortable accepting that they are all unique and beautiful in their own way,” she wrote on the brand’s website.

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