MAFS 2022 Cast Has A Forbidden Party And The Photos Are Wild

An anonymous MAFS the 2022 contestants allege that Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie throwing a forbidden party during filming.

Not only that, but they even sent photos from that brazen encounter and they’re, erm, pretty damned.

Daily Mail Australia published photos showing the players gathered in an apartment believed to belong to Olivia and Jackson.

Those present are Domenica Calarco, Jack Millar, Selina Chhaur, Ella Ding, Samantha Moitzi, Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello.

The gang looked excited and the photos showed more than what we bargained for.

In one shot, the bride and groom are gathered and at the end of the photo is longtime couple Brent dropping her negligee only for God knows why.

In another photo, Jack is seen slitting Brent while he is wearing a bathrobe and sir, this is Wendy’s.

Anonymous contestants revealed to the site that they were strictly prohibited from having parties during filming but Olivia and Jackson broke that rule.

“Jack and Liv were the only ones who just wanted to have a little fun so they would invite everyone over,” claimed the contestant.

“Things were really cool with Dom and Liv from the start, all fun and games until Liv decided to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

The source added that one of the parties happened after filming the ep where Dom complained about Jack’s bedroom performance.

“Domenica was crawling around the room excitedly, she couldn’t resist saying she was frustrated that she wasn’t getting anything from Jack,” the insider said.

God, I wish more footage of this ~forbidden party~ ended up on Insta once the contestants got their accounts back on April 27th!

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