Mads Mikkelsen & Will Poulter speak out against methodical acting

Mads Mikkelsen, Will Poulter, methodical actress

The subject of methodical acting is something we’ve talked about on this site on a few occasions, even just last week when Jared Leto ‘s acting choices Morbius were released by the film’s director. Now, in two separate interviews, actors Mads Mikkelsen and Will Poulter speak out against acting.

Mikkelsen recently spoke with GQ UK and said that the activation method is “bullsh * t” and “demanding.” While Mikkelsen has learned new role-playing skills, he says he has never reached the level of methodical acting:

“It’s bullshit, but preparation, you can go crazy. What if it’s a shit movie – what do you think you achieved? Am I under the impression that you did not lose character? You should have thrown it from the beginning! How do you prepare for a serial killer? Will you spend two years controlling it? “

The actor then took on a mocking tone when he added: “Do I smoke a cigarette? This is from 2020, not 1870 – can you live with that? It’s just fake. ” Mikkelsen then blamed the media for perpetuating the idea that acting acrobatics equated to real acting skills.

“The media say, ‘Oh my God, he took it so seriously, so he has to be fantastic.’ “Let’s give him an award.” “Then there is the conversation, and everyone knows it, and it becomes an issue.”

In his own interview, actor Will Poulter also spoke out against the method. During a conversation with the Independent, Poulter said that he does not necessarily mind when other actors use the method if it helps their interpretation, but said that it is not an excuse for inappropriate behavior or that it affects others in the production in a negative way. The actor was quite adamant that he was tired of seeing his colleagues make their lives miserable for other people on the set by falling back into “justification” that they retain their character:

“When it comes to the process of an actor, whatever it is, as long as it does not violate the process of others and you are careful, then fine. But if the process creates an inhospitable environment for you, then for me you have lost sight of what is important. “Methodical behavior should not be used as an excuse for inappropriate behavior – and it certainly has been.”

Both actors do not mention names, but a quick Google search for the acting method will find some famous names. Jared Leto has become the child of the poster for his method, in a slightly negative way, while veteran actors such as Daniel Day-Lewis are known to use the method with great recognition. I’m not a fan of the acting method, and I also find it a bit offensive and can lead to negative energy on set. If your character is a ** hole and you continue to act this way when the cameras are not moving, then we have a problem.

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Do you agree with Mads Mikkelsen and Will Poulter on methodical acting?

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