Love & Thunder Merch reveals the best look of Gorr the God Butcher

Game leaks Thor: Love and Thunder offer the best look at Christian Bale as the evil Gorr the God Butcher in the upcoming MCU movie.

There are only a few months left from its scheduled release Thor: Love and Thunder, the merchandise for the film offered a new look at Christian Bale’s malicious Gorr the God Butcher. Originating from Thor: God of Thunder # 1 in January 2013, the character was created by writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad T. Ribić. Gorr is an alien who discovers that there are gods in the Marvel universe and failed to save his family, goes on a hunt across the universe to kill them all, and becomes one of Thor’s most formidable enemies.

Taikia Waititi said Jason Aaron’s running Thor was a great inspiration for both of them Thor: Ragnarök and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder as shown by the presence of Jane Foster as Mighty Thor, a development that took place during Aaron’s run in the title. Bale, who was famous for his role as Batman The dark Knight trilogy, was screened as the villain of the movie in January 2020 and was finally revealed as Gorr the God Butcher during the Disney Investor Call in December 2020. While moviegoers are still waiting for the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thundernow just three months away from release, it seems that the first look at Bale’s character has been spoiled through the film’s merchandise.


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Game leaks through The ImmediateTake a look at the upcoming series of Marvel Legends figures based around Thor: Love and Thunder to hit the shelves of toys. One of the boxes offers a new look at Bale as the evil Gorr, who looks slightly different from his comic book counterpart. Instead of a flat face, they seem to have painted Bale white and dressed him in white robes as opposed to the character trapped in a black material made from his sword.

Gore the butcher

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A notable element of Gore that exists with the game is his black sword, which in comics is called the Undead. In the comics, The Necrosword was created by Knull, the god of symbiosis, who is the kind of popular character like Venom and Carnage. Given Venom’s position as the main feature in the Sony Spider-Man Universe, it is unlikely that the sword has the same symbiotic origin, but could be linked to a number of other different cosmic elements of the MCU. The Necrosword is just one of the many mysterious ancient weapons that the MCU seems to present such as the Ten Rings, The Darkhold and Ebony Blade.

Game leaks were often the first unofficial look at many high-budget superhero projects. For example, She-Hulk’s full MCU appearance comes from upcoming merchandise. Although the initial appearance may seem strange in a game, the first correct look at the character Thor: Love and ThunderThe trailer of the movie will probably be translated better and if the movie is going to reach its release date in July, a trailer will probably come soon. Bale definitely has some great shoes to fill. The last Batman actor to play an MCU villain was Michael Keaton as the Vulture, and Thor’s former enemy, Loki, is still one of the MCU’s most popular.

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