Kitchen sinks don’t spark an NCAT battle between Sydney tenants and landlords

Sydney tenants and landlords have very different ideas about how much it will cost to repair this kitchen sink.

We’ve all heard of petty disputes between tenants and landlords, but this may be necessary.

A Sydney man claimed that his owner threatened to tie him up completely over a small dent in the bottom of the stainless steel kitchen sink and demanded $1350 to fix it.

The tenant did not want to give up so easily, instead taking his case to the NSW Civil and Administrative Court.

Sharing the decision on social media, the man explained that he was unfamiliar with the process and how much legal knowledge he should have.

But with some prompting from random strangers on the internet, the man brought the owner, represented by a real estate agent, in.

On Thursday, the guy updated following his story on Reddit – happy to reveal that he only had to pay $400 for a broken sink.

During a one-on-one call with the agent, he said he originally offered $500 but the offer was turned down so the case was moved to court.

Court members who heard the case then decided $400.

“I reluctantly agree, but agents have to call the owner, who objects,” wrote a Reddit user. “He won’t take less than $800. The judge did not budge on $400, deeming it ‘more than fair’. ”

He explained that he argued that the sink worked well when the agent said the apartment owner cared about the quality of the apartment.

The agent also seems to claim that the owner is concerned about premature rust.

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“This is a stainless steel sink. The reason it is used on kitchen utensils is because it doesn’t rust. That’s the specific selling point,” said the tenant.

While he said the homeowner expressed his desire to appeal, he was still celebrating what he considered a victory.

“So I got $1,185 back as opposed to the $210 I should have earned earlier,” he wrote.

“But frankly, the opportunity to hear real estate agents try and fail to collect any winnings with the judge made the cost worth it.

“I don’t even care if they appeal. It just means I can hear them cry more. ”

Reddit users flooded the comments with praise, congratulating the man on his win.

“On behalf of another tenant, thank you for doing this… It’s great when people fight greedy landlords,” one person wrote.

“Your Majesty. I still think $400 is overkill for what is essentially comet damage, but hey – nice to hear you saw it and walked out of there with a solid middle finger to agents and owners,” wrote another.

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