KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE Launches Anisong 24/7 Live Broadcast Project “Anileap”

KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE (KAC), the label of King Records which produces music and videos with a focus on anime and voice acting, has announced the launch of Anileapa live streaming project that will distribute anime songs worldwide 24/7.

Prior to launch, the beta version of Anileap has been available on the label’s official YouTube channel since June 27. Along with the original animation, you can enjoy carefully selected opening and ending themes from anime works involving King Record. .

KING RECORDS official news site KING RECORDS TODAY write“‘Anileap’ is a project that aims to create a community where people from all over the world and of all generations can easily enjoy anisong. Centered on 24/7 live streaming on YouTube LIVE, this project will provide a place where users can meet and reconnecting with anisong in a timeless and boundless way, introducing everything from songs that color anisong history to the latest songs from the Reiwa era.”

Animation art project NOSTALOOK and our contemporary design studio+ have teamed up to craft Anileap’s worldview.

NOSTALOOK’s original animation takes place in the year 2222, when space travel was available to everyone. It depicts a young girl named “LEAP-chan” on a space journey, spending her time inside a spaceship while listening to anime songs. She said on her YouTube channel page, “Hello! I’m LEAP! I’m a girl who loves anime and music. I’m on a space trip with my pet cabbage! But interplanetary travel is a little boring. ANISON what should I listen to today ?”


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