Kim Kardashian pops in Pete Davidson’s Photoshop nose in photo

One unusual detail in this photo of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson has caused a stir on social media.

It’s been a tough week for the Kardashian photo editor.

Just one day after Khloe Kardashian admitted to Photoshopping her daughter, True, into photos taken at Disneyland, Kim Kardashian is facing charges of editing Pete Davidson’s appearance in their latest Instagram photos.

The @ProblematicFame account, which focuses on revealing how “Instagram can impact beauty standards,” shared a photo of Davidson looking sideways. Live Saturday Night next to a close-up of the comedian in the Kardashian post.

“Reality,” the account wrote above candid SNL photo.

“Instagram,” he added under the Kardashian version.

Despite the analysis, a source told Page Six exclusively that there was no Photoshopping involved.

“The appearance of Pete’s nose and neck hasn’t changed at all,” an insider shared. “The image shown on the side shows her face at a different angle, and her smile is bigger so it can’t be an apples-to-apples comparison.”

Page Six has also seen the original version of the photo, which is actually a Live snap, and nothing has been changed.

But nothing will stop the internet from speculating, so fans are tweeting their theories.

“I would cry if someone gave me a nose job and a jaw sculpt with photoshop,” tweeted the writer Sophie Ross.

“He actually looks better in reality!!” write another fan.

“reality looks better” third tweet.

Some fans are also debating whether it’s just a different point of view that makes Davidson’s appearance change, while others joke that her relationship with the Kardashians means she could really die.

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“Did Kim take her picture or did she actually visit her plastic surgeon?” one user ponders.

“Well, he’s been with the Kardashians for a minute, so maybe he has a bit of work to do,” submit another.

Davidson, 28, and Kardashian, 41, began dating in October 2021.

Representatives for Davidson and Kardashian did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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