Kim Kardashian admits she’s willing to wear diapers for fashion

Kim Kardashian has revealed she doesn’t care “if I have to wear a diaper” to get away with extreme fashion looks in a new full and honest interview.

Kim Kardashian is willing to risk it all for a great fashion statement.

That Kardashians the star has had her fair share of tight press on the red carpet – and told Ellen DeGeneres she has no limits when it comes to a tight wardrobe.

“I would wear my pajamas at home — pajama and sweaty, no makeup — and then when I went out, I would wear anything,” the Skims founder told DeGeneres. Page Six.

“I don’t care how uncomfortable it is, I don’t care if I have to put on a diaper and not go to the bathroom. I don’t care what I have to do.”

While Kardashian says she hasn’t really depended on (adult diaper brand) Depends, she had a stash that she bought before taking the bar exam, when she didn’t realize she would be allowed a bathroom break.

“I actually bought adult diapers when I took the bar exam because I didn’t know how they worked, so I figured I had to sit there for eight hours straight,” she admits.

Tests aside, the mechanics of her multiple staples and red carpet looks are questionable, including her beloved “pantashoes” that combine heels and jeans, totally cropped denim and a Balenciaga catsuit made of commemorative tape that covers her entire body.

And who could forget the wet-looking Thierry Mugler gown she wore over an extreme corset – so tight it needed a breathing lesson – at the 2019 Met Gala?

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While she says she’s “never felt pain like that”, Kardashian seems poised to step up herself at the 2022 event; he recently revealed to Hollywood Access that her glitter-themed appearance “cannot be adjusted” and that she must “change shape for the night”.

This article originally appeared on Page Six and is reproduced with permission

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