Katie Cassidy on why she has no regrets about GREEN ARROW AND THE CANARY that did not get up (Exclusive)

Talking to us about her special role in Game with agentsKatie Cassidy explains why she does not regret the CW decision not to proceed Arrow spinoff Green arrow and the Canaries. Check it out!

“Green Arrow & The Canaries” was his ninth episode ArrowHis eighth and final season, and brought to light Oliver Queen’s future daughter, Mia Smoak, in 2040, starring Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake, Arrowverse’s Black Canaries. The only episode of the CW show that did not include Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen was intended to serve as a backdoor pilot for a spinoff series.

Despite the high scores of the season and the positive reviews, the network finally decided not to proceed Green arrow and the Canarieswhich obviously disappointed many Arrow fans.

These characters have since been sidelined and Katie Cassidy (part of Arrowverse from the beginning) has moved on from playing Black Canary. Speaking to us about her role in the riveting new spy thriller, Game with agentsWe asked the actress if she thinks the CW missed a trick, as it did not go ahead with a great female superhero TV series.

“[Shakes Head] No. I say this in the most respectful, polite, realistic way; we really, really milked this cow. Like, come on. You evolve, you grow up,… I like to learn and I like acting, but also, I started with characteristics and I go out again [them]. I directed this film with Marina Studios which I also produce and it is called Daddy Problems. I write and use this creative side of me that I never had time to do because I was playing. “I have loved acting all my life, but I want to grow up.”

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“It’s not that I wouldn’t like the show to go [ahead] because I liked working with everyone, but let’s do something different! Let’s shake a little! [Laughs]. We know about superheroes. We went there. What happens next? There have been vampires with Twilight and superheroes have been cool for a decade and will be cool forever, but let’s go to aliens or, I don’t know, monsters again. “Things are evolving and then maybe we can go into space with aliens and monsters.”

Having spent almost a decade of her life on Arrowverse in over 150 TV episodes, it is no surprise that Cassidy is ready to do something different. It is clear from her reaction that she has no regrets about Green Arrow and the Canaries who were not drawn into the series. After all, that would take a few more years of her career playing Black Canary at this DC Universe.

As noted, Cassidy made her return to the big screen with Game with agents, a film starring heavy hits such as Mel Gibson, Jason Isaacs and Dermot Mulroney. You can watch the trailer below.

Agent Game is coming to cinemas, digital and on demand on April 8, 2022.

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