Kaley Cuoco admits she ‘cryed all night’ after missing out on iconic role

Kaley Cuoco has revealed that he felt very upset after losing the role in Knife Out 2.

In the cover story for Captivating, that Stewardess, flight attendant The star opened up about her emotional reaction to losing the role of Kate Hudson in the highly anticipated film.

“I’m certain [the part was mine],” said Cuoco. “Kate Hudson finally got it. But I firmly believe that my bag is packed for Greece. And then I didn’t get it. I’m so devastated.”

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Kaley Cuoco opened up about her emotional reaction to losing the role. (Instagram)

Arguably best known for her iconic role as Penny in Big Bang Theory, Cuoco says he usually doesn’t let casting decisions affect him too much.

However, he found himself shocked to learn that he didn’t get a role in Knife Out 2.

“I thought I was hot—. I’d be with Daniel Craig. It was amazing,” Cuoco recalled.

“I’ve done the chemistry readings, I’ve done the Zooms. And I’m not getting them,” he said. “I cried and cried all night.”

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The star said that everything was going well, when she got a call about Meet Cuterom-com with Pete Davidson, the next day.

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It all ended well when Kaley Cuoco landed a role in ‘Meet Cute.’ (Instagram/Kaley Cuoco)

Cuoco said he was impressed by the “magic” script and ended up getting the part.

“I’ll never get it if I [got] knife,” said Cuoco. “It just shows that you’re where you’re supposed to be. I mean, I’m heartbroken by it. And that’s when I thought I was being fired up, like, I definitely got that. And they’re like, ‘No, we’re going with Kate.'”

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Cuoco revealed that he never received an explanation as to why he didn’t get the part, but said he thought the film would be “great and Kate great.”

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He should have done it and I should have done this,” Cuoco said, referring to the upcoming rom-com. “And maybe I’ll audition for a third one.”

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