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Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) stands in a foggy field, holding his cowboy hat in his hand.

Life in the meadow becomes really strange for Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin).
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You will see many reviews comparing Yellowstone and Outdoor Rangeand it is not surprising why. Amazonthe new series of the protagonist Josh Brolin has a lot from the same ingredients as Peacock Kevin Costner Rap. But Outdoor Range It has something Yellowstone no, still: a severe inclination towards the paranormal.

Before reading further, know that we will not spoil any plot points Outdoor Range, created by Brian Watkins, in this review. It is not spoiler to say that superficially, at least, the similarities between them Outdoor Range and Yellowstone are unquestionable. Both focus on coarse-ranging breeders who are hard on their families and the unexpected violence and drama they encounter as they roam horses, care for cattle, drop beers at the local honky-tonk and face the annoyance of annoying and alien foreigners.

But Costner and the crew never had to deal with the sudden appearance of a giant hole in one of their vast fields – a perfectly symmetrical, seemingly bottomless pit descending into the unknown. When Brolin’s Royal Abbott makes this particular discovery, his reaction is so disturbing that he stands aside and shouts, “What the fuck?”

Although Royal tries to keep her existence a secret, the arrival of the hole changes everything, not just the Abbott family (a wild Lily Taylor as Royal Cecelia’s wife; Tom Pelfrey as Perry’s son; Lewis Pullman as another his son, Reth; Olive Abercrombie as Perry’s young daughter) and others on their rural trajectory in Wyoming – but probably the very web of space and time. We you have an idea of ​​it, however, thanks to Outdoor RangeHis love for premonitional voices and monologues, as well as carefully selected production design elements that feel symbolism and omen.

The first episode begins with the royal accent about Chronos, the Greek god of time, and informs us that “people expected something like this”. It is admittedly a bit heavy. But it’s the right kind of teasing for a show that could otherwise be misunderstood with a simple western. Outdoor Range runs eight episodes and will have a gradual release, with two installments per week — bad news for bingers, as episodes tend to end in cliffhangers, though the plot is mostly a slow-burning approach (at least in the past). episodes of). throwing clues both seemingly insignificant and “LOOK! IN THE! THIS! “Along the way.

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Each character has hidden levels. Many also have their own “holes”. The big hole that is not The The hole is the missing Rebecca Abbott – Perry’s wife and Amy’s mother – who suddenly disappeared without a trace nine months ago. It’s not long enough for the family to lose hope, but it’s enough time for the FBI to cancel its investigation. And Royal’s past is his own void. Unable to remember his childhood years before he was eight, he just showed up at the ranch one day and was picked up by Cecelia’s family, who eventually grew up and married him. It’s such a charming family folklore that Amy asks for it as a bedtime story. But again … it’s an omen.

Other dominoes begin to fall on the Abbott family as the story begins. This is what Royal’s lawyer calls “a good old-fashioned topographic mess” —the fact that a certain area of ​​Abbott’s area apparently legally belongs to a neighboring ranch. It’s the land Wayne Tillerson (Will Patton), the weak but savage patriarch of the Tillerson family, proves willing to reclaim. Do you understand that it’s due to something other than his greed and long-standing rivalry with the Royal, and that it is definitely related to Wayne’s (premonition!) Murmurs early in the first episode: “Something is coming … you feel it, don’t you? “

Also, no love is lost between the sons of Royal and Wayne, a conflict that erupts in the first episode and soon involves Sheriff Joey Hawk (Tamara Podemski) – Native American, gay, mother, calms down among mountains of shit, knows difficult election to keep her job. In other words, a character that could easily have been written as a note, but, again, is full of unexpected levels.

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Perhaps the most enigmatic element hidden among the vast meadows of rural Wyoming – apart from this hole anyway – is in the form of the Imogen Poots, which appears to be a harmless, hippie drifter. looking for a place to camp, and heard that the Abbott Ranch may be just the spot. When Royal gives permission, he shakes his hand and says “I’m glad I finally met you”. It is the “finally” that makes you stop and from there on every scene with Autumn is full of things that make you stop. Her manner — she is friendly but also overly familiar to the point of being authoritarian — is disgusting and a little disturbing. Eventually we learn that it has a chemical imbalance that is responsible for some, but certainly not all, of its peculiarities. You also have a strong sense that it is somehow connected to the cosmic quirks that swirl around the Royal.

As Outdoor Range unfolds its plot — a mixture of conventional western tropes and twists so far that you have to see them if you want to understand them — it bends heavily in the dark. One of the trailers in the series made great use of Royal’s “blessing” before dinner, that snowballs turn into a wild fuss over the “big gap” between God and humanity, and faith is one of the issues explores the show.

Brolin is an imposing presence and has a natural gravity that helps the soil Outdoor Rangeare more fantastic accessories. But there are also moments of warmth and weird humor — a cowboy who spontaneously enters the song (Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” never sounded so quirky; overall, the series’ musical choices are top notch), Wayne Tillerson’s obsession by devouring Clamato — who naturally feel in this world, instead of calculated separation efforts Outdoor Rangehis gloomy subject. Is not Twin peaksis not Lostit’s not exactly The External Limitsbut it certainly escapes Yellowstoneof dusty turf and attempting in these directions.

The biggest mystery after all this damn holeis done or not Outdoor Range will get stuck landing as he goes on Royal’s crazy journey. Suffice it to say that once you start watching, you will not be able to stop yourself from tuning in to learn.

His first two episodes Outdoor Range premiere April 15 at Amazon Prime. then you can catch two a week until the final on May 6th.

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