Josh Brolin almost played Batman Zack Snyder

Ben Affleck would never have worn the famous Batman hood if the Avengers star had been cast in a Zack Snyder film instead.

The movie world barely gets Batfleck. Can you imagine?

Avengers: Infinity War, Sicario and sand dunes Star Josh Brolin has revealed that he is running to don the famous Batman hood for director Zack Snyder. The role eventually fell into the hands of Ben Affleck.

Brolin said di Happy Sad Confused podcast that the prospect of playing Batman was “exciting” to him.

“Something that is set to either not work at all, or work quickly – I like the opportunity. I like to play with those odds. I was like, ‘Am I the one who’s going to fail him?’

“It will be older, hoarse, for there is no better word [version of Batman]. Honestly, it would be a nice deal, and maybe I’ll do it when I’m 80.”

Brolin said in the end it was Snyder who made the call to vote for Affleck instead.

Affleck debuted as a role in the critically booed Snyder epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as an older, hardened, and more war-weary Batman. He will go on to reprise the role in Justice League and has a cameo not mentioned in Suicide Squad.

Affleck’s involvement with the DC Extended Universe films became more substantial. When he was first cast in 2013, he was also signed on to write, direct, and star in standalone Batman films in addition to the Snyder films.

He and Geoff Johns wrote the script, centered on the story of Batman facing off against Deathstroke – the fight is even set in a post-credits sequence in Justice League.

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But Affleck’s tenure as Batman was marred by mixed reviews and he stepped down as director, arguing that he felt he would not enjoy leading the film. Matt Reeves was immediately brought in as a replacement but Reeves wanted to take the film in a different direction.

Robert Pattinson was hired to play a younger version of Batman, unrelated to Snyder’s work. Batmanstarring Pattinson, was released earlier this year and has grossed over $US750 million at the global box office so far.

Affleck will be playing Batman once again, in the future Lightning film, which also sees Michael Keaton return home in the iconic role, having previously played the Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s films Batman and Batman is Back in 1989 and 1992.

Brolin is also no stranger to comic book films, having played the genocidal purple alien Thanos in the Avengers and Cable films in Deadpool 2. He is currently in a western drama series Outer Reachstream on Amazon Prime Video.

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