Joseph Gordon-Levitt honors Looper co-star Bruce Willis

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in 2012
Photo: Jason Merritt (Getty Images)

Joseph Gordon-Levittt recently hung out with Vanity fair to make a retrospective career video where he happily remembered his collaboration Bruce Willis in 2012 Looper. While this was probably recorded before Die hard star announced his departure last week, it still stands as a tribute to what made the image of Hollywood so memorable.

Directed by Ryan Johnson, Looper portrays Gordon-Levitt and Willis as the same assassin who travels in time to face another version of himself. The younger actor welcomed the challenge, even though the film’s makeup artist said it was impossible to make the two actors identify.

“One of the signs of my success as an actor for myself is ‘Do I look different on screen than myself?'” Gordon-Levitt said. LooperIt’s probably my favorite show because it’s the most different. Now, indeed, somewhat deceived by the additives, I will look different. I feel this emotion more than like, wow, it ‘s really like being someone else, not me. “I did a lot of work trying to make my vision, which was not an imitation of Bruce Willis, but had a kind of Bruce Willis spirit, and if I had to pick a favorite just in terms of acting, this is there for me.”

Although Gordon-Levitt already had enough experience at the time, having started playing as a child in plays such as Angels in the outer fieldhe certainly valued “a moment of ratification” by Willis.

“There was another scene later in the movie where we shouted at each other,” he recalls. “I do not know if Bruce did it on purpose or if he did it unintentionally, but it was the highest compliment he could have given me. It was immediately after they said “Cut”, he turned around and returned to his mark. He didn’t even tell me, he just said to himself, “Sounds like me.” And I just turned to myself and said, “Fuck yes!” “I think knowing him was really his extremely generous way of complimenting me, but it was very polite to do it that way.”

Looking back on the highlights of his career, Gordon-Levitt praises other former collaborators such as Johnson and (500 summer days director Marc Webb. It also takes an in-depth look Don Johnhis debut in screenplay and feature film in 2013, in which he co-starred with Scarlett Johansson.

Gordon-Levitt is currently starring in the Showtime series Super Pumped and will appear in live action Pinocchio as the voice of Jiminy Cricket. It was also recently announced that she would play Johnny Carson in a biographical mini-series.

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