Johnny Depp’s text about wanting to ‘burn’ Amber Heard shown in court

Actor’s attorney Amber Heard focuses on her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s liquor, drug use, and text messages he sends to friends — including about wanting to kill and defame his then-wife.

Heard’s attorney pointed to his history of breaking into hotel rooms and destroying bathroom lights during an argument with him.

Lawyers are trying to thwart Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Heard alleging he misrepresented her as a domestic abuser and ruined his lucrative acting career.

They argue that Depp physically and sexually abused Heard, and claim Depp could not deny it because he was so drunk and addicted to drugs that he passed out.

A text message Depp sent to actor Paul Bettany in July 2013 was shown in court, where the Pirates of the Caribbean star said he was a “crazy man” when he was heavily drunk.

“I did, of course, hit and show Amber some ugly colors on a recent trip,” said Depp.

“I’m a crazy person and it’s not fair to drink too much.

Heard’s attorney Benjamin Rottenborn also focused on another exchange that year between Depp and Bettany in which Depp wrote: “Let’s burn Amber!!!”

Bettany replied: “After thinking about it, I don’t think we should burn Amber”.

Depp continues in his text to Bettany saying: “Let’s drown him before we burn him!!! I will [expletive] his corpse that burned after that to make sure he died.”

Amber Heard in court during defamation trial
Amber Heard has launched a counter-suit against Johnny Depp. (Pool via AP: Jim Lo Scalzo)

Depp had previously apologized to the jury for vulgar language in the text and said that “in the heat of the pain I feel, I go to dark places”.

Rottenborn also showed the jury one of Depp’s texts to Bettany in 2014 in which he referred to whiskey, pills and cocaine.

The texts were sent during a period during which Depp said he had stopped drinking.

They were sent around the time of a private flight from Boston to Los Angeles, where Heard said that Depp was drunk and assaulted him.

Depp previously testified that he took two pills of oxycodone – an opiate he admitted he was addicted to at the time – and locked himself in the plane’s bathroom and fell asleep to escape his scolding.

He also denied that he was drunk on the flight, saying he only drank a glass of champagne when he got on the plane.

But the court was shown a message Depp wrote to Heard apologizing for the incident.

“Once again I find myself in a place of shame and regret,” Depp wrote.

“Of course, I’m sorry. I really don’t know why, or what happened. But I’ll never do it again… My illness has somehow crept up and gripped me… I have to get well. And I will. . For both of us. Starting today. I love you. Again, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

To further cast doubt on Depp’s claim that he was not a problem drinker at the time, Heard’s attorney later showed the jury a text Depp sent musician Patti Smith about a visit to New York City in 2014 in which he recounted his altercation with Heard. , got drunk and became “very disappointed in myself”.

Depp has been standing in Fairfax County Circuit Court since Tuesday afternoon.

The actor has spent a lot of time describing the couple’s unstable relationship and denying that he ever abused Heard.

Depp said Heard often attacked him violently.

He argues his film career suffered after Heard wrote a 2018 opinion piece in The Washington Post, which prompted a libel lawsuit against his ex-wife.

Heard never mentioned Depp by name in the article, but Depp’s lawyer said it was a clear reference to the allegations Heard made when he requested a 2016 restraining order against him.

Depp said the allegations and articles contributed to an unfairly shattered reputation that made him a Hollywood outcast and cost him his role in the lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Heard’s attorneys held that his opinion was accurate and did not defame him. They say that Depp’s ruined reputation is due to his own bad behavior.


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