John Leguizamo reveals bully Steven Seagal during Executive Decision

Actor John Leguizamo has revealed that Steven Seagal was a bully on the set of their 1996 film, where he put a stuntman in a “strangulation”.

John Leguizamo said “nobody” had fun filming with Steven Seagal.

That Super Mario Bros. The star, who has been in more than 100 films, revealed that even in the clunkers — “There are quite a few of them!” – he enjoys his craft.

“I’ve always had the best off-camera times in those films because you have to make up for it,” the 61-year-old told New York Post.

One exception, however, was 1996 Executive decision starring Seagal, who foils a terrorist plot to take control of a plane.

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“Yeah, I’m not having fun with Steven Seagal,” said Leguizamo Posts. “No one has.”

“Gene LeBell, Hollywood’s most famous stuntman, was in the movie with him and (Seagal) kept hitting the stuntman on purpose,” he recalled.

That’s when things became uncertain.

“Gene said, ‘Don’t do that to my boys because they can’t get back at you, that’s not fair,'” she continued. “So he did it again and Gene strangled him and said, ‘You’ve done that, I’m going to strangle you to death.’ He never did it again.”

Posts has contacted Seagal, 70, for comment.

Leguizamo’s most recent role is as a boxing coach at safewhich is based on the true story of Harry Haft, who survived Auschwitz by being forced to imprison other prisoners for the amusement of officers.

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He had a brief boxing career in the US and his last fight was against future champion Rocky Marciano.

“As a Latino man, I understand genocide,” the Colombian-born actor said of the Holocaust.

“Ninety-five percent of the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and Taínos have been genocidated. Out of five per cent, look how many of us come back.”

He added: “We have to celebrate the stories of these survivors and we have to be reminded that people can do these terrible and terrible things.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

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