John Abraham’s super soldier opens up an unexplored avenue for Indian action movies, albeit with a few hits

Film: Attack
Attack Cast: John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Jacqueline Fernandez, Rajit Kapur, Ratna Pathak Shah, Kiran Kumar
Attack manager: Hitesh Bhatia
Where to watch: In the theaters
Rating by: Russell D’Silva Read also – BTS: ARMY asks Jungkook to choose between two women in charge of Twenty-Five Twenty-One. I know his choice

By the time the Attack trailer was released, it certainly lived up to expectations in more than one way, with an amazing fusion of futuristic sci-fi elements and sleek action against the backdrop of the thoughtful and most important, credible VFX, and obviously a dynamic John Abraham does what he always does best – hitting the bad guys in the pulp. However, if cinema has taught us anything, then it is a trailer of what astronomically raised expectations only to be eliminated in the real film. In addition, the central character of a super soldier played by Attack John will be extremely familiar to drug addicts who have grown up on a basic Hollywood diet, as has been repeatedly noted with varying degrees of success in films such as the Universal Soldier franchise, Marvel’s Captain America. and Avengers ten-poles, Bloodshot, Outside the Wire, the Robocop series and so on. and so on, making the work of Lakshya Raj Anand’s directorial debut even more terrifying. Read also – Kapil Sharma: Sumona Chakravarti REACTS to rumors of resigning. he says, “Let me firmly confirm …”

There is also the small protagonist theme coming out of a trio of critics and commercials in Pagalpanti, the Mumbai Saga and the utterly destructive Satyameva Jayate 2. Given all that is at stake, Attack turns out to be a much needed comeback for John and help to start something novel about Indian action movies? Fortunately, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes, even if Attack itself is not without the fair share of attacks (pun) in the script along the way. Read also – KGF Chapter 2: Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt step aside to let Yash and Srinidhi Shetty shine in the spotlight – Watch Video

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So, you’re excited about what to watch this weekend or what to watch this week, and you’re wondering if Attack is worth your time? Scroll down for my full review of Attack …

What is it

The attack revolves around Indian Army Special Operations Officer Arjun (John Abraham), who was given the opportunity to transform into the country’s first super soldier, with the help of highly advanced artificial intelligence, after an almost fatal attack that leaves him physically injured. , psychologically and emotionally. weakened.

Watch the Attack trailer below:

What is hot

Congratulations to the team that tried to do something groundbreaking as far as Indian cinema goes, and even more so that it succeeded at least in the areas that matter – action, VFX, futuristic techno speech and simplification for the common masses understand the concept without to disappoint her for those who have a better understanding of such ideas. Three key points in the film – a bicycle chase sequence, with John Abraham running on the accelerator like just him – a trick where (spoiler warning) he says the bike crashes into an oncoming plane and technology explains that he is setting up John mode super-soldier, which makes everything seem believable, if not achievable in the near future – is enough to give you a bang for your buck on the big screen, like the protagonist himself can do so far sleepwalking in such personalized roles.

On the other hand, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Rajit Kapur and Ratna Pathak Shah are lending their talent to the most dramatic portions. It is also a pleasure to see veteran actor Kiran Kumar in a mainstream Hindi movie after centuries, more in a role that fits his personality. The editing of Aarif Sheikh and the camera of Will Humphris, PS Vinod and Soumik Mukherjee also do the job, although they never stood out.

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What is not

While the action works well for the most part and sometimes stands out, it is also a kind of mixed bag at times that matters, especially in the parliament stage which is half the climax, as well as the first time John is in action as a super soldier – both highly compelling storytelling moments that could be done with more programming and much less fast, jump cuts. It’s time for action movie directors in both Bollywood and Hollywood to learn that the key to making action scenes memorable, especially when it comes to attracting neutral viewers, is to cut short or at least cuts to keep the audience entertained. flow. There’s a reason the old-school action worked so well, there’s a reason the Mad Max: Fury Road and John Wick movies work so well in modern action, and there’s a reason we’ve got the aforementioned bike chase and the last one trick this movie so well.

Of course, this is the first feature film by writer-director Lakshya Raj Anand, so I’ll relax him a bit in this section, but it’s hard to cut him as much as John Abraham and his co-writers, Sumit Batheja and Vishal Kapoor, just as loosely when it comes to glaring plot holes, especially those that protrude like a sore throat during the terrorist attacks at an airport and parliament in Delhi. The romantic piece between John and Jacqueline Fernandez is also extremely blind – as the latter puts it aptly though inadvertently in one of its lines – and marginal caricature, adding flavor to the emotional plot of the plot when it is supposed to act as a catalyst for us. . the graph of the hero’s character later. Both the songs and the background score are also below average. Finally, many of the dialogues are very artificial and sometimes crumpled to be taken seriously.

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Verdict BL

Watch Attack for his quest to create something truly novel in the realm of Indian cinema. the sleek VFX; his ability to seamlessly present the futuristic techno elements of his idea. the chase on a bike during the climax, followed by a trick worth applauding with a plane. and finally, John Abraham does what he is sewn to do. These parts in combination are enough to overcome the bumpy parts of the film. I will go with 3 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 3 from 53 Star Rating

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