John Abraham has no plans for OTT, says “I just want to be seen on the big screen”

John Abraham is the bona fide big screen action hero who plays roles bigger than life for most of his career. In his latest film AttackJohn plays a super soldier and according to John, this is not the future but a simple representation of what is already happening in the world. In a recent interview with, John talked about his latest film, why he undertakes certain projects even though he is not convinced about them and why he does not want to do OTT content.

During Attack promotions in New Delhi, John lost his temper when asked about The Kashmir Files and Satyameva Jayate. Speaking of the same, John said, “It’s not to be missed. The press, some of you, do not generalize, at times, ask very silly questions, there is also no basis for this. “And I understand that we are all human, sometimes I get really upset when they ask me a stupid question.” He added that things were going well after the exchange as they later “laughed about it”.

But this oral exchange is all over the internet. Doesn’t that affect the way people see him or does it not affect the promotions of his film? John disagrees. He said: “Speaking of the film’s promotions, the press has generally been very supportive. So when we talk to the press, it’s important to let them know about the movie. Because through you, people know when a movie is out. Of course, there are ads and marketing, but the real promotion of the film is the film itself. If your movie is good, it will work. “If your movie is not good, it will not work.”

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The Attack trailer hinted at the film’s futuristic vision, but John said this is not the future, but our present. “I do not think the idea is futuristic. I think it’s happening today. DRDO is already preparing exoskeletons for the Indian Army. “Exoskeletons are clothes you wear with which you can run faster, lift heavier, jump higher, as we can see, super soldiers are already being made even here we are talking,” he said.

“I recently went to the robotics center in Ahmedabad. One can see the exoskeletons made for the Indian army or the bionic arm. This is the technology given to the Indian Army and it’s nice. There is also a chip that is inserted into someone. Through Attack, we inform the public about what is happening around us. Thus, we have the advantage of the first move with Attack. “Attack is our Make-in-India hero, this is our super soldier,” he added.

Attack started with the plan to turn it into a franchise and John shared that they are “very excited about Attack part 2”. “A lot of people prepare the second part depending on the success or failure of the first part, but we always felt that this soldier had to go somewhere, something had to happen. “When you watch this movie as it ends, you will realize that it fits in with the second part,” he said.

satyameva jayate 2 John Abraham John Abraham had a triple role in Satyameva Jayate 2.

John Satyameva’s latest film Jayate 2 did not do well at the box office, but the Dhoom actor said he did not like throwing a director under the bus for the failure of any film. “I will never do it, it’s not fair. When you make a movie that has failed, I subscribe to it too. “It is very wrong to say that the director failed, because you are part of the process, your eyes were open when you did it,” he said.

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John explained that sometimes he chooses certain films because there is a “certain brand” and other times, he is convinced by the director, even when the film may not be the best bet. “You make mistakes, things go wrong. The typical human mentality is to blame the other, but that cannot be the case. True character is when you accept him and take full responsibility for him. “So I’m responsible for all my mistakes,” he said.

John stressed that through his production company, he believes in empowering new talent, because “young actors and young filmmakers do not reproduce the same kind of stupidity that has been happening for so long.”

John has been involved in cinema for almost two decades now and during this time, he has seen both success and failure. The cost of failure sometimes translates to someone’s next work, as John explained, “Suppose I want to make a particular film, say 50 crores, for reasons of argument, so they would say, ‘No, your previous film did not work.’ let’s do it in 30 crores, or 20 crores, so they do, and they have every right. “I do not think we are united and do not have the guts to take the risk.”

John Abraham John Abraham will then see Shah Rukh Khan in Pathaan.

“I Attack for free, how low can I go down? But I’m charging because I’m worth charging, so I’ll charge, but I’re not going to point the gun at a producer and ask them to pay me that much money. If someone says that I do not deserve so much, then I tell him not to make the film with me, it is my choice whether I want to work on it or not. I’m very happy to make films from my own production company. “I am a rare commodity because it is difficult for me to get in front of the media, because I am rarely on social media, also because I am not available on OTT,” he said.

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Speaking of OTT, does John have plans to enter the streaming space? The actor said, “Not for 299 rupees! Very hard. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but I do not think I am ready for it today, maybe in the future. But right now John Abraham is a big screen hero. I just want to be seen on the big screen. Will I fail on the big screen? Yes, I will fail, but on the big screen. I have no problem even if I am forged.

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