Jimmy Kimmel mentions “Snociopath” Marjorie Taylor Green to Batman


So he looks like a late night host on ABC Jimmy Kimmel does not feel very threatened by “The American Nightmare” (sorry, Konti Rhodes) Marjorie Taylor Greene citing a joke he made during a monologue this week to U.S. Capitol police as a “threat.” After Greene responded to Kimmel via Twitter with exactly the level of acting nonsense we expected from “Captain Karen”, Kimmel used his show as a platform to respond. While rejecting Greene’s claims that she forgave the violence against her, Kimmel reminded Greene of her own past, adding: “I have dozens [death threats] a week from the sickos aligning with you “and that” she is the one who supported the marginal conspiracy theories “and” has repeatedly indicated that she supports the implementation of distinguished democratic policies “(more on that below). Kimmel said as he continued to tease Greene. “He’s a snowflake and a sociopath at the same time – he’s a snociopath.”

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And that’s when Kimmel took things to the next level. If Green wants to report him to the Capitol police, then Kimmel will write a letter to… Robert Pattinson’s current alter-ego on screen. “Dear Batman,” Kimmel began his letter. “I’m writing about a woman who can be a supervillain. Like Riddler thinks the world is full of coded messages. Like the Joker thinks it’s funny and like the Penguin is five feet. Please see her. Love to Robin. Love, Jimmy” (sends Guillermo’s confidant to spread the word: “Get this to Gotham City right away! And do not hesitate! This is for Caped Crusader!”). Here’s a look at the start of last night’s Kimmel show, which refers to Greene’s disconnection from reality:

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So, during Kimmel’s monologue on his ABC midnight show on Tuesday night, the presenter joked: “This woman, Klan’s mom, is very upset with the three Republican senators who said they would vote yes to Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is Proposed for the Supreme Court. He wrote on Twitter, “Murkowski, Collins and Romney are in favor of pedophiles. They just voted for KBJ.” Wow, where is Will Smith when you really need him? ‘ referring to the infamous slap of Will Smith / Chris Rock from the Oscars. Well, Greene took to Twitter to let everyone know that she considered this joke a “threat of violence” and had reported it to Capitol police (see below):

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It was clear from Kimmel’s response that he did not expect to be arrested soon:

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Our first wave of irony was that Greene was seeking help from the same law enforcement agency that voted against funding in 2021. Greene was also one of dozens who voted against the Congressional Gold Medal being awarded to Capitol Police. US and other officers guarding the Capitol against Green’s fan club during the Jan. 6 riots. And thanks to our friends at CNN, we have the following excerpt from their good report detailing Green’s own problems with inciting violence against others; even more irony:

Before running for Congress in 2020, Greene filed a petition with the White House in January 2019 accusing the speaker of “treason,” citing Pelosi’s support for so-called shelter policies that “serve the illegal and non-illegal.” the citizens of the United States “and why Pelosi did not support Trump’s border wall.

In a speech, promoting the report, Green suggested that Pelosi could be executed for treason.

“He is a traitor to our country, he is guilty of treason,” Greene said in the video, which she posted on Facebook at the time. “He has vowed to protect the American people and to obey our laws. And he gives help and consolation to our enemies who are invading our land illegally. This is treason. And under our law, representatives and senators can expel and “They are no longer serving our government. And it is, well, it is a crime punishable by death, like treason. Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason.”

In another Facebook Live broadcast from Pelosi’s office on February 22, 2019, Green suggested that the Speaker of Parliament would “die or be in prison” for her “betrayal”. Notably, Greene never mentions a trial. In another show later that day, he suggested that California spokeswoman Maxine Waters was “just as guilty of treason as Nancy Pelosi.”

And here is a look at Kimmel’s full monologue from the beginning of this week:

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