Jake Gyllenhaal reveals how MCU changed its outlook on acting

Almost three years ago, Marvel Studios officially completed the Infinity Saga Spider-Man: Far From Home, the second of three web-sling movies on the MCU. While he has moved to the background due to the success of the record Spider-Man: No Way Homethis film became a success in itself for the franchise behind Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal made an impact in history with his live action in Quentin Beck, who became the ultra-high-tech Mysterio after starting as an ally of Holland’s Spider-Man. His influence was felt in various scenes There is no way home also, and although the character did not return for a second exit, there is a very real chance he is still causing his own mess.


In the real world, Gyllenhaal has taken advantage of many opportunities to speak with the best of his time working with Marvel Studios, praising Holland for helping him cope with the pressure of feeling great in his role. More recently, he has given his fans an idea of ​​how Spidey’s time spent helping him see his entire profession as a whole in a new way.

Gyllenhaal’s eyes opened Working at MCU

Jake Gyllenhaal

MCU protagonist Jake Gyllenhaal spoke to Vanity Fair in a retrospective of his career, which included playing Mysterio for Marvel Studios Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Looking back when he started this movie, he felt it was “Taking (himself) very seriously” with his job and that he had lost a part of what he was at that time. Away from home allowed him to be a little less serious with his art and, in a way, to become the performer he had been imagining for a long time:

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“What was interesting when I went to Spider-Man: Far From Home … I think I took myself very seriously. In fact, I’m sure of it. I think I really lost that sense of play and fun. This is the class clown I’m talking about who came up with the idea of ​​shrugging his shoulders and making a funny face. several ways”.

The MCU sequel gave him a new sense of gratitude for what he has to do as he looked at how he is “Everything about the family of making a movie” when working on a project. With a smile on his face, Gyllenhaal poured out of the way he was working Away from home made him realize how much fun acting is and that he should enjoy the moment and the people he works with:

“And find the game and the fun and the gratitude that I’m here and I can do that. And, oh my God, it’s like it’s all about the family of making a movie. It’s about the experience you have with him. And I think we’re going through journeys in our lives where we are and, in the case of Spider-Man, I think I realized, ‘Hi, you know, acting is really fun. You know; Enjoy! And the people here are fantastic! Enjoy them and enjoy the life around you because life flows very fast. “”

More fun than ever for Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to Hollywood’s huge productions, having gained considerable recognition from critics for films such as Brokeback Mountain and Nightcrawler. He just joined his cast Spider-Man: Far From HomeHowever, he had the opportunity to dive into something much more fun and relaxing than what he did for most of his life in business.

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MCU movies are inherently more fun and wild than many of the other movies Gyllenhaal had made in his career, especially with his role as Quentin Beck being something like a crazy character. He starred in some of the film’s craziest scenes and moments, combining heroes along the way before revealing his plan to become the youngest superhero after Iron Man’s death.


Even for all the stars who shared how much they like being at MCU, Gyllenhaal’s experience seems to go to an even deeper level, as he finds more than he wants to be an actor. Whether he will return for another round as Mysterio is a mystery, but it is touching to see how Spidey’s sequel has given the Hollywood veteran such a new perspective on his art.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is available for purchase through digital and physical media.


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