IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan says he was targeted by activists for his views on transgender ideology: “They took everything from me”

BAFTA-winning author Graham Linehan, known as the creator of comedy series such as The IT Crowd and Father Ted, recently said he was targeted by activists for his views on trans ideology.

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In a rather lengthy interview with the BBC’s Stephen Nolan, the comedian claimed that multiple attempts to cancel by trans activists had affected his personal life, stating that “they took everything”.

Asked by Nolan what exactly “hurts” him about trans people, the successful TV writer answered confidently, “why it hurts women.”

“If you find yourself in a place where your elderly grandmother, say, goes to a house and you are not allowed to ask for a female caregiver; that hurts women,” Linehan said.

Source: The IT Crowd Series 4 Episode 5 “Bad Boys” (2010), Channel 4

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Arguing that he has no problem respecting people who want to address them as either men or women, he noted, “I am [respectful] privately, but at the moment, unfortunately, the politicization of this issue means that I can not really observe pronouns and things like that while this is happening. “

“This is a war on women,” Linehan said. “For me, I absolutely believe that people with sexual dysfunction – which we have to remember, that’s supposed to be – definitely need the best medical help we can get. it’s terribly exhausting to have. “

Source: Father Ted Series 3 Episode 1 “Are You Right There, Father Ted” (1998), Hat Trick Productions

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Nolan then asked Linehan about the recently canceled Father Ted musical because of his views, and the author noted: “My initial bet was that the ‘Ted’ musical was too big to fail. I just thought, “if they follow it, then that’s good because then people will see how crazy it’s.”

“How irrational and censorship, how anti-feminist, how homophobic this movement is,” Linehan told the BBC presenter.

Source: The IT Crowd Series 1 Episode 2 “Fire!” (2006), Channel 4

Linehan later revealed that not only had Father Ted’s cast rehearsed the show for two years before it was canceled, but that Irish singer-songwriter Neil Hannon “has written some of the best music you will ever hear.” “We have songs for every character; we have a wonderful story, it was ready.”

“And just because a group of people have decided that anyone who speaks out against this ideology is bad, they just squashed for these people. “Nobody is defending me.”

Source: The IT Crowd Series 3 Episode 4 “The Internet” (2006), Channel 4

Linehan went on to explain how transgender activists led him and his wife — Motherland author Helen Serafinowicz — to explain that “as time went on, I stood up, trying to explain myself as clearly as possible.”

“When they could not come for me, they came for my wife. They posted my wife’s address on the Internet. “They sent the police to my house,” he said, adding that the pressure behind the trans activists who tried to oust him and his family “led my wife and I to separate and we divorced.”

Source: Father Ted Series 3 Episode 1 “Are You Right There, Father Ted” (1998), Hat Trick Productions

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“They took everything from me,” Linehan said. “They took my family. “Before that, all I did was write a comedy and play with the word board games and be a fool on the internet.”

Then he remembered, “And then I said, ‘No, for a moment, stop calling these women’ teref. ‘ [and] stop sending them abuse. Let them talk “and that’s why they destroyed me”.

Source: Graham Linehan, YouTube

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Linehan also briefly referred to Harry Potter creator JK Rowling, who is constantly being targeted by trans activists for her own ideas about this controversial ideology, saying: “I think we’re going to look back now and say, ‘ How did we go so crazy? “How did everyone think JK Rowling was a bigot, despite the fact that no evidence was presented for that purpose?”

“And I sincerely believe that this is the first serious mass delusion that is spreading on the Internet,” he said, adding that he meant in particular that society had entered a state of mass delusion rather than trans people. “It simply came to our notice then. The children spread it on each other. “You may have heard the phrase ‘rapid onset of sexual discomfort.’

Source: Graham Linehan, YouTube

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In June 2020, Linehan was suspended from Twitter following a tweet in which Father Ted creator wrote: “Men are not women” in response to a post released by the Women’s Institute wishing trans members a Happy Pride Month.

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A few years earlier, the successful television writer had sparked controversy when the transgender community challenged Linehan’s comments in favor of women’s rights.

“I’m now in a position where I can now honestly answer the question, if you were in a time when something terrible like Nazism was happening, or whatever was going on, you would be one of those people who would say, ‘No, that’s wrong.’ despite his opposition? ” he said then.

Source: Blackbird Documentaries, YouTube

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“I feel happy for myself that I was one of the people who got up and said ‘no, that’s wrong’, even though everyone was telling me not to do it,” he continued. “What I can easily see happening, because I already have experience with these types of people, is someone in the locker room, a man comes in, with absolutely no indication that he is a woman in any way.”

“The woman disputes it, the man says, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m a woman, this is my female beard, this is my female penis and you are guilty of hate speech,'” Linehan concluded. “If you do not think this will happen, I do not know in which world you live, because it has already happened.”

Source: Red Carpet News, YouTube

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