Is there no way home? Alfred Molina answers

In the pantheon of Marvel villains that will appear on screen, Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock has long been one of the best due to his role in 2004 Spider-Man 2. Seventeen years later, the ambitious multi-legged scientist was the first of Sony’s formerly evil Spidey to appear on the big screen in Spider-Man: No Way Home; but this time, Molina’s Ock was not just rescued but healed.

While There is no way home managed to bring together all three Spider-Man franchises, as well as close, fans are already asking for more. Except for the push for Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 4the fan demand for Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 3 there has been a bit of movement.


If Sony and / or Marvel choose to revive these former sailboats, the question is whether their eponymous villains will return. and if so, can the public expect more from Norman Osborn or Molina Doctor Otto Octavius?

Alfred Molina comments on a later document return home

Doc Ock, Spider-Man No Way Home

In the podcast The Household Faces with John Ross Bowie, Alfred Molina had nothing but praise for the directors and creators behind Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Homesaying, “They take it very, very seriously and they are very passionate about it. So the detail in it is just amazing.”

“What made Jon Watts Spider-Man’s films and Sam Raimi’s films so wonderful is that they were both directed by people who, and had creative groups of people who absolutely loved the genre, loved this world. This is a huge thing for them and they take it very, very seriously and they are very passionate about it. So the detail in that is just amazing. But as an actor, to a large extent you are… a function in a sense, especially if you impersonate evil, because you have to perform certain functions… “

While his role as Spider-Man 2The “bad guy” led him to his role There is no way homeMolina is not optimistic that it will happen again.

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In fact, the actor feels that the arc of his character in the tricycle under Tom Holland really hinders his chances of coming back, explaining: “I do not think you can be a good person with a moral compass that turns into a criminal and then returns to the decent person he was after. [back again]… “

“But what makes this movie interesting and different from the previous one is that, here we see the complete redemption, certainly of Doc-Ock, which makes me think that maybe they put him to bed. Because I do not think you can be a good person with a moral compass who turns into a criminal and then returns to the decent person he was after [back again]”I do not think that will happen.”

Even though Spidey’s recent epic was Molina’s last bow, the actor appreciates his long tenure as Doc Ock, noting that “I made my career here” but also that of Willem Dafoe “20 years or something” as the record is held by Green Goblin.

“But it was a great experience, and an experience I would never have had, because he made my career here… Ever since I lived in the United States α I came here in the early ’90s, I wanted to live and work in America, I wanted to be part of the industry here… I applied for citizenship as soon as possible. And it was a wonderful, wonderful experience to work on these films, indeed. And the fact that there were 17 years between the two reps always makes me laugh, because I always tell people that it must be one of the greatest choices a studio has ever had for an actor. [laughs] But then I stopped making that joke when I learned that Willem was coming back for the movie too because his choice was even bigger. “Like 20 years or something.”

Did No Way Home really block Future Villain Cameos?

Unfortunately, Molina makes a good point.

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Bringing him back as Doc Ock just does not make sense, given that the cause of his evil has been cured. In a way, the decision to bring back the former bad guys is somewhat unfortunate There is no way home, and then fix them, actually hinders their chances of repeating their roles.

However, not all hope is lost. Molina could return to a Spider-Man movie once again, but instead of a villain, he could play his true self character: Dr. Otto Octavius

And in terms of characters and story, this is possible. After all, a deleted scene from There is no way home showed the former Spideys to tell Tom Holland’s Peter Parker that he knew where to find them. In addition, Norman Osborne did offer the webmaster a job if he was willing to move between universes.


Could the audience see one of the Spidey of the cinema seeking the help of a redeemed Ock one day? Considering Spider-Man: No Way Home even if it exists, everything is possible.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is available for digital purchase.


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