Is Chris Rock suing Will Smith? The comedian discusses the slap in the face of the Oscars

Now that we’ve got our biggest celebrity tea of ​​the year thanks to Will Smith’s famous slap in the face to Chris Rock victim, everyone wants to know what happens next.

Rock was quite silent about the situation despite everything else going on around him.

And as fans wait to hear his true thoughts on the situation, a recent comment from Rock led some to believe he could remain silent for legal reasons.

Will Chris Rock sue Will Smith or the Oscars?

Rock does not appear to have taken legal action against Smith or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organizers of the Oscars.

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He reportedly refused to prosecute after the incident.

However, a comment made by Rock during one of his concerts in Indio, California, makes people believe that he can sue.

Fans were disappointed that they did not hear much more about the incident at The Rock Demonstration at Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA.but he said a strange thing.

“I’m fine, I have a whole show and I’m not talking about it until I’m paid. Life is good. I’ve regained my hearing,” Rock said.

Comments about waiting for payment make people believe that he can ask for payment – especially if he is honest that he suffers from hearing loss after being slapped.

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