Interview with Morbius director Daniel Espinosa: What happened?

Before you read this, I want you to know that Daniel Espinosa is an amazing director. ZOE is a fantasy horror, thriller and a lot of fun. And Safe house has turned into one of those movies that is on the cable non-stop and I watch it every time it is open. I’ve probably seen tracks of it at least 20 times so far. So that is why Morbius is such a headache. Espinosa makes good movies. Morbius it literally feels like scenes are missing. (Although, he did well at the box office this weekend.) At the time of this interview, the critics’ embargo had been broken, launching historically bad reviews, so I asked him directly what happened. (I really want to give credit to Espinosa who did this interview. A lot of people by that point would have just canceled.) At that point I told him that I did not believe for a moment that this movie that was released was the one that delivered. Morbius sounds so much on the internet, I wanted to give the opportunity to a filmmaker who likes to have, at least, some reason in the narrative being painted. I’m honestly worried he will be blamed, but my instinct is that this was not entirely his fault.

(Editor’s note: Spoiler in view.)

I also asked him about that scene after crediting Michael Keaton as The Vulture that makes absolutely no sense. Keaton was advertised as one of the stars of the film. It’s in the trailer! But now he is in a scene after the credit transferred from the MCU to Dr.’s universe. Michael Morbius and Venom? And then he asks Morbius – who throughout the film is portrayed as this ambitious guy who just took things too far – if he wants to work with and fight Spider-Man. At no point does Morbius even mention Spider-Man, nor is there any reason to believe that Morbius would have beef with Spider-Man, let alone be interested in working with this criminal to fight Spider-Man.

Also, while filming Morbius, I heard a story about something that happened on set that I always wondered if it was true. So I asked Espinoza if this really happened and, to his shock, he confirmed that what I had heard was indeed true.

I’m a big fan of two of your movies, Safe housewhich is constantly on the cable and I watch it every time…

Oh nice.

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And ZOE It’s amazing.

Thanks, that means a lot. These two movies are very close to my heart. Safe house it was my beginning to come to America, really cheeky and I want to do everything super real. What ‘s funny is that one is super real, the other is a space movie. But I made a space movie!

Yes, but it’s not just a space movie, it’s also a horror movie.

One thing with ZOEalso, is that its end ZOE it was always misunderstood, because our view was that it was a tribute The twilight zone years, and then everything becomes shit. This is how these movies end. And then people would say, “Oh, it will continue.” I go, “No, man, it’s The twilight zone ending. It’s getting shit. “

I do not know if you saw this, people at that time thought it was the beginning of a Poison film. Do you remember that?

I know, I know. Yes exactly.

In Morbius, Michael Keaton is in the trailers, but then in the film does not appear until post credit. It seems that some things have been reworked. I wonder, then Spider-Man: No Way Home, did you have to change Michael Keaton’s role in it to match the events of this movie? Did that happen?

It was more than ever Spiderman they came out, they said, “We know how this works and we have a visual idea of ​​how to fix it.” But the idea of ​​having different schedules was something that, for me, was introduced to the movie universe. Into the Spider-Verse. When we talked about making the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had just come out and was a huge success. I said to the kids, I said, ‘This is very common among comic book readers.’

Well, there are scenes from Michael Keaton in the trailer that are not in the movie, so I was wondering if some things had to be reworked to match There is no way home?

Yes. Exactly. The first thing that happened was that we had Michael Keaton because we were planning to do that. But then when Spider-Man: No Way Home came out, he said, “So are the visual effects.” And then the idea of ​​having him as soon as we met him in this universe seemed very complicated, and then we put it at the end.

Okay, you had to cut some things to fit There is no way homeis it expensive?

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Yes, because we have to match… I did not know what the transfer to it would be like.

Like the crack in the sky?

Yes exactly. This did not happen, this did not exist, so there were all these little things that needed to be addressed. But I think the idea of ​​having different timetables came, I think, from Sony, not Kevin Feige. It was Sony that started this idea. I think you have Miles Morales Spider-VerseI would bet your life that you would have Miles Morales from Spider-Verse in the Marvel Cinema Universe at some point.

What I was not clear about on the post credit scene is when Vulture says, “I think this is Spider-Man’s fault. We have to work together and fight him “, how does Morbius know who Spider-Man is? The film also proves that Morbius is a good man who became very ambitious and created this serum and some bad things happened. But in his heart, he is not a bad person. Why would Morbius be interested in working with this criminal?

First of all, Vulture is not yet a criminal in this universe.

That’s fair. But why would Morbius be initially interested in what Vulture has to say?

Exactly. I think it’s a meeting of them… because in this world there is Spider-Man. In all the different Marvel timelines, you have a Spider-Man, it’s a totem. In the Marvel universe, what you say is that you have to have a Spider-Man in every universe to work. He is one of the fundamental beings. Now, so it is with comics.

Okay, for sure, but there’s nothing in the movie to prove that Morbius has any beef with Spider-Man.

Ah, exactly. I think it’s more than those scenes that happen and when you have scenes before scenes appear in a movie, that will explain this repositioning.

I heard a story about the shooting and I want to see if it is true. Someone told me that Jared Leto was so obsessed with playing Michael Morbius that even when he had to go to the bathroom, he used his crutches and slowly limped to the toilet. But it took him so long between breaks to urinate that it was agreed with him to bring him a wheelchair so that someone could get him there faster and he agreed. Is true?



Yes. Because I think what Jared thinks, what Jared thinks, is that somehow he needed the pain of those moves, even when he played the normal Michael Morbius, because it hurt all his life. Although, as long as he is alive and strong, there must be a difference. Hi dude, these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

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All actors believe in processes. And you, as a director, support what makes it as good as you can.

Correctly. But from your point of view, it could be: “This really slows down production and I have to talk to the big wigs and tell them why we are lagging behind.” Could I understand why this might be, I do not know, frustrating, that’s the word?

But it’s more that I think directors who don’t like actors are really frustrated about it. I think what they are doing is really a mystery. Almost all actors, in general, have their own reputation for being an interesting person in how it works with their characters. I think they all have these characteristics. If you want a completely normal person who only does things you understand, then you are doing the wrong thing. Because what is different is what makes them check. It’s very difficult to say, “I can remove this piece and I’ll still get the same things from it.” I do not do that. I’m more likely to see, like, “Hi, if you’re doing this, we’re supposed to do this.”

Again, as I said when we started, I’m a big fan of it Safe house. I am a big fan of him ZOE. I’m sure you have seen the reviews for this. It does not look like one of your movies and I’m curious, was that what you shot? There is something else; Because it seems that in some places, some scenes are missing. I do not believe for a moment what you did.

These movies are great ideas…

Because I think you are a very good director and I think some decisions were made that were not always in your hands here.

You’re very sweet. You are very kind. I think I work at my best if I have a lot of decision-making power. But, in these films, they are great films that interest a lot of people. They are different procedures each time.

“Morbius” is in the halls everywhere. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter.

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