“I do not like gay cookies”: Conservatives swear to boycott Oreo for new ad

A new two-minute short film for release, in collaboration with Oreo and PFLAG, has become, as expected, under the skin of conservatives. Already, Greg Kelly and Ben Sapiro are among the right-wingers who swear to boycott “gay cookies” after Oreo’s public demonstration of the LGBTQ alliance.

“The Note,” directed by Alice Wu (“Saving Face” and “The Half of It”), depicts a young Chinese-American giving a speech in front of some close family members. Before the young man shares his truth with his grandmother, his mom writes him a note. “She may be my mother,” he writes, “but you are my son.”

The video ends with a message to viewers to pay for it. “Going out doesn’t just happen once,” he says. “Be a lifelong ally.”

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“The Note” is definitely watery. Despite my admittedly initial cynicism about “rainbow capitalism” and whether a multi-billion dollar company can be confirmed as an ally, Oreo is doing all the right things here. According to Fast Company, the film – which was refreshing not released as part of a Pride Month campaign – accompanied by a $ 500,000 donation to PFLAG.

Plus, there’s a story here. “The Note” follows the 2020 short film “OREO Proud Parent”, which was also released in collaboration with PFLAG. In it, a woman brings her girlfriend home to meet her family.

At first, Dad is cold towards the same-sex couple, but everything changes after he sees a neighbor looking down on them. The video ends with Dad painting his white fence in the colors of the rainbow.

Is it a little on the nose? Sure, but the film’s message that “a loved one starts with a loved one” is painful – especially in the midst of the news. In addition to the controversial Florida Do Not Say Homosexual Act, trans students face increased discrimination and violence.

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“The Note is not Oreo’s story,” Oreo’s senior brand manager Olympia Portale said in an interview with Fast Company. “Oreo is there to lend our loudspeaker to the community we want to support, to show the message that, as a brand, we want to stand behind it is a great place to start.”

Instead of getting involved with the alliance’s message, several conservative experts responded by promising to boycott the “gay cookies”.

“PRETZEL!” Newsmax presenter wrote Greg Kelly on Twitter over a photo of the Sesame Street cookie monster. “I love COOKIES. C is for COOKIE. COOKIE IS FOR ME. I DON’T LIKE GAY COOKIES.” Sexuality “has NOTHING to do with the cookie experience. Cookies are for EVERYONE! Cookies are basically” safe ” — why is WOKE LEFT getting involved with OREOS ??! STOP ILLEGALITY. ”

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In a more concise tweet, Lila Rose, the founder of a movement dedicated to abortion termination, he said Oreo to “stop sexually abusing children”.

With the passage of the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, the Republicans of Florida revived the deadly “queers recruit” myth. While the Oreo has been feeling the heat lately, Disney has been by far the most significant recipient of conservative anger.

As Amanda Marcotte from the Salon recently wrote, “Fox News published a dizzying number of sections accusing the company of ‘child sexuality’ and creating ‘propaganda for grooming.’ “This is independent QAnon material designed to give credibility to the conspiracy theories of the growing right-wing cult that the Democrats are handling a secret conspiracy of bloodthirsty pedophiles.”

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Kelly followed up on Oreo’s sexual turmoil with one tweet comparing the taste of chocolate cookies with cream filling with the “gravel of the street”.

“NO LIQUIDS. Even Nabisco knows the truth – cookies are very dry,” Kelly wrote in his review of over 100-year-old sandwich cookies. “The Milk Reliant, not a standalone cookie. Go with FIG NEWTON. We do not care about Mr Fig!’S orientation!”

“Commentators were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Ben Sapiro’s attempt to mutilate him, sharing images of him shopping at Home Depot in 2021.”

Ben Sapiro, who became infamous in a different range of humidity to dry after listening to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song “WAP”, posted a link to “The Note” on Twitter. The caption read: “Your cookie should confirm your sexual lifestyle.”

Commentators were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Shapiro’s attempt to mutilate him by sharing pictures of him shopping at Home Depot in 2021. The controversial law on the integrity of the 2021 Georgia election – which President Joe Biden called “Jim Crow” in the 21st century was then in a huge amount of heat from big companies like Coca-Cola and Delta.

As Forbes reported at the time, Home Depot, on the other hand, remained silent – prompting calls for a boycott. In support, Shapiro videotaped himself shopping at the home improvement store and leaving the cash register with a single piece of wood in a plastic bag.

“Your wood should confirm your conservative lifestyle,” one Twitter commenter said He wrote under Shapiro’s post.

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As Zachary Petrizzo wrote about the Salon in 2021, conservatives love to announce boycotts of big names – but somehow they never do as planned.

“By the end of the boycott, an unknown number of Fox News viewers were left with expensive coffee machines that had been thrown off their balconies or otherwise eliminated.”

“Then there was the case in 2017 when Sean Hannity fans smashed Keurig coffee machines to support the Fox News host after the company withdrew its ads from Hannity’s defense of the Republican Senate nominee. Alabama, Roy Moore, “Petrizzo wrote. “Hannity tried to save the advertiser (and the precious advertising dollars) by donating 500 Keurig machines, but it was too late. By the end of the boycott, an unknown number of Fox News viewers had just run out of expensive coffee machines that had been thrown out. balconies or otherwise disappeared “.

In 2016, angry Breitbart readers threw away Kellogg cereal toilets because the Corn Flakes maker did not want to have anything to do with Breitbart News, of which Steve Bannon was the former CEO.

And in 2021, Trump called for a boycott of Coca-Cola over the company’s aforementioned objections to Georgia’s Electoral Integrity Act. According to the Salon, a bottle of cocaine was found in Trump’s office only a few days later.

To this end, it will be interesting to see how long conservatives Newly discovered faith in Fig Newtons and Hydrox cookies Lasts.

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