How do the members of the Academy feel about the decision?

Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spoke out after the board decided to ban Will Smith from attending any of the Academy’s events for the next ten years. The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed a “broad section” of Academy members who shared their thoughts on the board’s response. On Friday, the board held a special meeting in which it decided to punish Smith for slapping Chris Rock on stage during the 94th Academy Awards on March 27.

The general consensus among respondents was divided as to whether the punishment was too harsh, weak or reasonable. Many believed that the Academy itself had a lot of soul quests to do. Steven Scott thought that Smith’s punishment was indicative of the industry’s reluctance to condemn the A-list star. “Because he had already resigned, the Academy’s decision to remove him temporarily – yes, temporarily – means that he will not suffer any consequences from the Academy for the unprecedented violent physical and verbal assault on a colleague of his, Chris Rock, simply because he did not like. funny … I’m disgusted by my Academy’s disgustingly weak, immoral, frustrating response. Disgusted! ”

Actor Pat Boone has expressed his sympathy for the world celebrity. ” her condition, [joked about]He told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m sure Will will regret his angry reaction more and punish himself more than Chris is angry … He does not need to be punished or punished by an industry that is almost a bulwark of behavior or polite behavior. Oscars this year a movie in which a young boy poisoned and killed him [relative]? “Let us bypass piety.”

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Rutania Alda also believed the action was “too late” and told the agency that Smith should have been taken out and Chris Rock may have agreed to accept him. He added, “That would be enough for me. I do not want the drama to continue. It does not benefit the image of the Academy.” One Academy member said: “It would be interesting to ask Will Smith to attend anger management; also to bring Smith, Jada and Chris Rock to some kind of mediation session; and then, assuming everything could be resolved. , let three of them make a statement together. “They could have opened next year ‘s show.”

Regarding the Academy, Chuck Braverman criticized the organization, saying: “The biggest question from Will Smith is whether the Academy is more interested in the value of the Oscars or the money from the transmission of the network. Voting by your peers is “Everything … The huge expenses for the museum have brought the Academy into a financial hole. But a physical assault is completely unacceptable. Smith’s Oscar should be revoked and returned.”

Several anonymous members of the Academy have blamed Will Packer, calling for his suspension for “fraud”. Someone said that he, David Rubin and Dawn Hudson “have forever ruined the reputation and integrity of the Academy” by delivering an overly large program “with hastily crafted acceptance speeches, involved in a horrible uneven and heartless show”.

Last week, Smith announced that he was resigning from the Academy and apologized for his actions, calling them “shocking, painful and unforgivable.” He made a brief statement on Friday in response to the Academy’s decision to ban him, saying on the Six page, “I accept and respect the Academy’s decision.”

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