Home and Away Spoiler (15-19 August)

Home and Go spoilers to follow for UK viewers.

Next week at Home and GoNikau is surprised when newcomer Naomi kisses him.

Elsewhere, the truth about Tex is revealed, and Lyrik’s new band faces some tension as they settle in the Bay.

Here’s a complete collection of 10 big moments to come.

1. Kirby challenges Bob

kirby at home and outdoors

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Felicity had arranged for her friends – the four-member Lyric band – to perform at Salt as part of the restaurant’s relaunch. Mac was skeptical of the idea, but he soon joined in by putting up promotional posters around Summer Bay.

Band member Bob is surprised at the idea of ​​playing a free show in a small beach town, which causes tension with the others. When it came to voting, Bob’s girlfriend, Kirby, had the deciding vote and she voted to support the other members over him.

2. Cash’s past with Eden is revealed

eden and cash newman at home and away

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The Lyrik show in Salt proved a huge success, but when Cash showed up to enjoy the music, he didn’t know exactly who the band was. Dean is puzzled by Cash’s sneaky behavior.

It all became clear when members of the Eden band saw Cash in the crowd and jumped off the stage to say hello, wrapping his legs around him. Cash was embarrassed as he wondered what Jasmine would think about this.

Felicity was confused by Cash’s attitude, but she got an answer by speaking to Eden. Eden claimed to have slept with Cash. Felicity is furious, knowing that Cash has strong feelings for Eden and he could have broken her heart.

3. Dean warns Remi

dean thompson at home and out

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Ziggy also enjoys music in Salt, but Dean is not happy when he catches the attention of lead guitarist Remi. Remi jumps off the stage to perform a guitar solo for Ziggy, much to Dean’s dismay.

Dean takes Remi to one side, introduces himself as Ziggy’s girlfriend and orders her to leave him alone.

4. Tex’s hidden agenda is revealed

tex and rose delaney

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Tex and Rose love each other as they return from a trip to town. Xander was worried that Rose was moving too fast with Tex, especially since he clearly still had strong feelings for Cash.

Xander is right to be worried, as Tex peeks around the gym and steals pictures of Mia and Ari. Tex then headed over to see a group of bikers, who greeted him warmly.

When Tex hands over a photo of Mia and Ari, he congratulates him on tracking down the person who stole money from the gang.

5. Ziggy receives good news

ziggy astoni at home and away

Channel 5

Ziggy is told that he can oversee Theo’s apprentice now that Justin has been banned. Ziggy wanted to make sure that he could handle the responsibilities and that Theo was committed enough to the internship.

Theo is impressed by Ziggy’s clear commitment to his studies when he officially takes over from Justin.

6. Nikau withdrew from the award ceremony

nikau parata at home and outdoors

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On the day Nikau will receive the bravery award, John and Naomi dress up to support him. Nikau withdrew at the last minute, afraid that he would embarrass John and the surf club by saying the wrong thing during his speech.

John agrees to accept the gift on Nikau’s behalf, but Alf then angrily confronts Nikau for messing with everyone.

7. Nikau rejects Naomi

nikau parata rescues a stressed swimmer at home and outdoors

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Naomi tries to boost Nikau’s spirits after the awards ceremony drama, listing all the reasons she’s amazing. Naomi then gets caught up in the moment by kissing Nikau, taking her by surprise.

Nikau tries to set the record straight by reminding Naomi that he is still in a relationship with Bella, who is far away in New York.

Naomi rejects Nikau’s long-distance relationship with Bella, claiming that their own relationship could be something special if she gave up waiting for her boyfriend to return.

8. Chloe gets overwhelmed

chloe anderson at home and away

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Chloe was unaware of the danger she might be in as Tex watched her from afar. Tex’s detective work leads him to discover that Chloe is Ari’s stepdaughter.

This coincided with Chloe pushing herself too hard with her two jobs at Diner and the gym. Chloe barely eats or sleeps and things go awry when she accidentally misses her shift at Diner.

9. Chloe got fired

theo poulos and chloe anderson at home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Since Chloe refuses to choose one of the jobs, Irene and Leah decide to fire her. Irene and Leah believe they are taking a ‘hard love’ approach, advising Chloe to use her newfound free time to pursue her ambitions as a businesswoman.

Chloe was finally relieved when Irene and Leah pushed her to work full time at the gym, suggesting that it would be a great opportunity for her.

10. Tane received threats

embargo 04072022 bella nixon farewell party at home and outdoors

Channel 5

Tane is confused when she finds the missing photos of Mia and Ari in her car.

The image now has a threatening note attached, which reads: “Your brother stole our money. We want it back”. Tane gets worried as it is clear that a new drama is waiting for Parata’s family.

Home and Go airs on weekdays at 1:45 p.m. on Channel 5 and 6 p.m. on 5STAR. The first preview premiered at 6:30 p.m. on 5STAR and the show also aired on My5.

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