Hilarious The Batman Video Imagines DC Movie Made with $ 20 Budget

A new video of Cracked repeats The Batman as a low-budget image with lots of skinny costumes, movie references and topical jokes.

A new video on Youtube is hilariously updated Batman as a much lower budget film. Released in early March this year and directed by Matt Reeves, Batman is the latest representation of the crusader with hats that came out on screens. With a new Bruce Wayne in the form of Robert Pattinson and a much darker tone, the film has proven to be a huge success, earning $ 679 million at the box office and top of the charts for the films released in 2022 so far.

Pattinson is accompanied by an all-star cast, including Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright and Zoe Kravitz, who all follow a much darker path for their characters. This is an outstanding aspect of the film and has been enhanced by its marketing. Many of the trailers had an ominous sense of premonition and a remix of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” containing orchestral elements from the movie score was used to enhance this pattern in the first teaser.


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However, this has been overturned in a new video he posted Cracked on their YouTube channel. Borrowing a lot from the first teaser trailer, imagine again Batman as if it was only shot for $ 20, including many of the cheap suits and skinny braces you would expect. They mimic many of the memorable scenes, such as where Pattinson’s Batman mercilessly hits a villain and Selina Kyle’s “I like strays” series. You can watch the full video below:

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Along with references to the film, the video also contains many topical jokes, such as when Commissioner Gordon asks Batman if he “finished today” or Batman’s phone call with Ridler, where the serial killer says he is there to discuss the Batmobile extended warranty. These moments reinforce the unusual nature of the video, which is tantamount to parodies of popular YouTube properties. However, they have done a great job with the cheaper costumes, especially with the penguin, which features some of the facial scars that personify Colin Farrell’s performance in the film.

With movies as popular and successful as Batman, videos like these are sure to show up, but at least it seems to have been created by people who are really passionate. This is probably due to the overwhelmingly positive reception that the film has garnered among Batman fans. With a series of sequels and attached properties in a row, we could see more parody videos of the same type for future installments of Pattinson’s Caped crusader.

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Source: Cracked / YouTube

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