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Trailer Site Removal Prayer Competition
Redbox Entertainment

Redbox Entertainment has released the premiere trailer for the action thriller “Black Site” starring Jason Clarke, Michelle Monaghan, Jai Courtney, Todd Lasance, Logan Huffman and Lincoln Lewis.

Sophia Banks leads a film in which CIA Agent Abby Trent (Monaghan) manages an underground dark site facility that holds dangerous and high-risk prisoners. A few days before his reassignment to a new post, Special Operations brings in high value target ‘Hatchet’ (Clarke) who has killed many people including Abby’s husband.

He immediately ran away and started a bloody game of killing the site officers one by one. At the same time, he discovered there was a mole in the line, jeopardizing the mission. Redbox Entertainment will release the film on May 3.

Netflix has premiered a trailer for the police comedy “The Takedown” from filmmaker Louis Leterrier and starring Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. The film launches on streamers on May 6.

A sequel to the French comedy “On The Other Side Of The Tracks,” the pair play two cops with very different styles and backgrounds who are reunited for a criminal investigation across France.

Next is the trailer for Terence Davies’ new drama “Benediction” which chronicles the lyrical life of Siegfried Sassoon, one of the foremost poets of the First World War. The film premiered in the UK in late May and in the US on June 3.

Sassoon’s work inspired the world even as she was forced to keep her homosexuality secret even as she was involved in a series of extramarital affairs with many famous men. Jack Lowden and Peter Capaldi played younger and older versions of the abused artist.

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Finally comes the trailer for “Official Competition,” a comedy that pierces the film festival industry complex and sees Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas teaming up again for a story in which a billionaire hires a famous female filmmaker and two male stars with big egos for a swagger project. IFC Films will release the film in theaters on June 17.

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