Harry proves you can befriend salad on his endless quest for immunity

It’s immunity time! Oh, wait, no. Before the immunity challenge comes the challenge that decides who goes into the immunity challenge. Yes, it looks like yesterday was the challenge, but yesterday was just a challenge to decide who goes into the challenge decides who goes into the immunity challenge. This may seem a little drawn out, but we’ve got a whole week to fill here, folks.

Today’s challenge is based on a four-tiered food pyramid, the kind we used to learn in school before it was widely dismissed as unhelpful. Each team must decide which member handles which layer of the pyramid. One member can only cook with the bottom layer (fruits and vegetables etc), one can only cook with the bottom two layers (layer one + grains etc), one member can only cook with the bottom three layers (layer one and two + protein ) , and one can cook with all four layers (three layers +fat and sugar). The best dishes from every layer go to tomorrow’s immune cooks.

If this sounds confusing, it’s probably simply because you’re not operating on the same high mental level people think the MasterChef challenge is.

Julie, the Queen of Hearts, competes with Melanie and Jenn, which means she faces the prospect of trying to cook a balanced meal while listening to a constant monologue about the differences between cooking and dentistry. Disaster strikes when Julie realizes that butter isn’t in the allowed three layers, forcing her to make her own butter, something that looks like science fiction but turns out to be doable.

Steph, one of the most popular fans whose existence we only know about now, cooks in all four layers and is therefore able to make something that really tastes good. He therefore has time for a quick flashback to his home life, where he made a cake and regretted going into finances. He notes that the dish usually takes a few days, but he only has 75 minutes, so he uses a technique he developed called “make it worse”.

Everyone worked hard to prepare their dishes with an hour remaining, while the audience continued to try to understand the challenge. Melissa and Andy visit Julie’s bench to find out what she’s cooking and distract her from her work. Julie explained that she made cauliflower soup but honestly it was delicious. Next to Julie, Melanie also makes butter, like a big cheating copycat. Melanie used the stand mixer, while Julie did it the way God wanted her to.

Tommy, who works with the bottom two layers, is intimidated by Harry, whose ability to burn vegetables is already legendary. Tommy is the favourite, but even he dreads confronting Harry’s talent for not only cooking, but for constantly talking about how poor he is.

Michael cooks with the bottom layer of the pyramid – fruits and vegetables – which means he has to try to make something good out of objectively bad ingredients. He explains that not winning MasterChef the first time “doesn’t feel good”, which as a tragic backstory seems a little weak. He stated his intention to cook carrots and passion fruit in coconut milk, sparking fears that his disappointment had driven him crazy.

Next to him, Max tries to start a fight, but Michael stays focused.

On the other hand, Montana – who as a professional TikTok cook is not allowed to enter the competition – is worried that her dish might be too sweet, which seems highly unlikely since she doesn’t have a big bag of sugar to pour over everything, which is the only way to make it easier. make delicious fruits and vegetables.

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Steph was terrified because people started calling her the “cake queen.” It’s a moving moment, and one hopes that someone can enter the kitchen and calm her fears by assuring her that no one actually calls her the “cake queen” and that in fact very few people can remember her name.

Meanwhile Julie is engaged in her favorite hobby: thinking everyone is better than her. He suddenly realized that instead of making cauliflower soup he could cook chicken, and look… he was right. Was given the option to cook the meat and thought, “why not cauliflower?” obviously an eccentric move. Luckily Julie realized she had time to add some protein, and took her freckles out to widespread acclaim.

With 15 minutes remaining, Jock shouted “If you want to enter tomorrow’s immunity challenge, all you have to do is beat your stool”, causing all the cooks to slap their foreheads with sudden enlightenment. Until now they really only had a vague sense of what they were doing.

Tommy takes a moment to explain how complex the process of making daikon dumplings is: the process involves not only smooth coating but also several visits to the National Library and the extensive use of an arc welder. Meanwhile Harry had made the orange liquid and as long as it made him happy, that was all that mattered. “The execution of this dish is very important to make it really work,” he says, distinguishing his dish from all other dishes, where it doesn’t matter how you cook it.

With a few minutes remaining, Steph panicked because the cream looked a little loose, and there wasn’t a doctor on site. He was right to panic: the cake had crumbled. Over the balcony came the sound of alarm and fear: if the cake queen cake could crumble, anything could happen! The crowd was jostling, screaming, to get out, their entire worldview shattered.

Time was up, and the judges now, with deep regret, had to sample the dish. First they tasted the dishes on the second bench, for some reason. Keyma’s vegan arepas are good but irrelevant as we rarely see him in this episode so he can’t win. Tommy’s dumplings are amazing because he is Tommy. Harry’s salad was so good it was almost like burnt cabbage.

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Row three steps up. Julie, who has been on screen for 80 percent of the episode, has made a wide surprise, having made a delicious meal. Melanie and Jenn also do well but are quite irrelevant.

In the first row, Montana – who is on TikTok – Max and Michael excited the judges, partly with their food. In row four, Sashi had an impressive looking curry, while Steph had a crumbled cake and Chris had a nervous breakdown.

In the end, the winners were Montana (who was a good TikTok cook), Harry (who made the salad), Julie (duh) and Chris (what?). So they face an immunity challenge tomorrow, with the winner either receiving immunity or entering a national lottery to decide who will compete for immunity over the next few months.

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