Harry asks ‘who’ he wants to ‘protect’ the Queen from: ‘The father, brother?’

Prince Harry has been ridiculed for his statements about ‘protecting’ the Queen by royal experts.

Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire accused the Duke of Sussex of advertising himself in a ‘very interesting’ interview with Hoda Kotb.

Mr Maguire said: “Protect him from Prince Andrew, yes. I’ll say it straight away.

“But did he mean his father, did he mean his brother – was that what he meant?”

He said: “Because he [Harry] had a book out and it would cause great trouble for Grandma if she attacked the other members of the Royal Family.

“He decided to make his life in the United States, his fortune, living with his wife and children, it was great.

“However, somehow, he wants to appear as a protector as well. There’s no way he can protect her now”

Everything Harry had done in the last few years had ’caused heartache,’ noted Mr Maguire.

The brutal remarks came after Harry told host Hoda Kotb about the last meeting at Windsor castle: “With him it was amazing. It was great to see him … He’s in great form,” Harry added, “It was great to catch him up.”

“I’m just making sure that he’s, you know, protected and has the right people around him,” he continued, “you know, home — home to me, now, you know, for now, in the states.”

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