‘Group’ of tattoos irritates Christian neighbors with relationship

When a “group” buys a new house together to strengthen their three-way relationship, they have no idea their unconventional romance will offend.

A group of people living in the Christian community have detailed the abuse they suffered at the hands of their neighbors who claimed that their unusual relationship was “not what God intended”.

Tattoo artist Oscar Gonzalez, 38, from Puerto Rico, meets bartender Sammie Sewell, 23, during a trip to the US in 2020.

The two say sparks fly instantly and they quickly become stuff, having a long distance relationship at first until Sammie moves in to be with Oscar.

However, the couple soon decided to start “experimenting” by bringing a third partner into the mix for a casual relationship.

They enjoyed it so much, they decided to take the third couple on permanently and ended up meeting Amanda Quiles, 22, on Tinder with all three admitting they all clicked straight away.

“The three of us have now been together for two years and three months, now alive

together – we even bought a house,” said Oscar.

“We share bills and live under one roof, we are practically married for all purposes.

“While the three people are unable to legally marry where we live, we have discussed having some sort of informal ceremony once we reach our five-year anniversary.”

Despite the unusual love arrangement, all three admit that they do get jealous from time to time.

“We get jealous sometimes, but it’s a human emotion and you have to deal with it,” Oscar said, adding that their family had accepted them as a threesome.

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“My family is very supportive, Sammie is also like that, so is Amanda’s mother, but other families are not,” he said.

“Amanda’s extended family is very religious and disapproves of our relationship or lifestyle.”

“But fortunately, my mother knows I live with two other women and understands that very well.”

But it’s not just Amanda’s family who are struggling with the situation, after the trio bought a new home in the Christian community.

Puerto Rico is a very Catholic country and walking in public with two women sometimes attracts “hostile” attention.

“We’ve been told that our relationship isn’t what God intended it to be and that’s hard to hear,” Oscar said.

“Sometimes we get weird stares by strangers on the streets when they see me with two girls,” she said.

“Social media also talks a lot about our lifestyle because we are very open about what we post on Instagram.

“People leave comments quoting Bible verses and saying things like, ‘God only wants you to be with one woman,’ ‘You must have a personality disorder,’ and they say we should have low self-esteem.

“But we don’t pay much attention to what they say; they are just jealous we feel.”

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