Former Ready Steady Cook host Peter Everett reveals he sold his possessions to survive

He was the king of TV cooking before disappearing from screens in 2011, and now Peter Everett has provided a worrying insight into his very different life.

Former Ready Steady Cook host Peter Everett has revealed that he’s been forced to sell his beloved items to make ends meet.

Everett, best known for hosting Channel 10’s daytime cooking show for five years until his exile in 2011, said 4BC Afternoon he had auctioned off his personal belongings just to “survive”.

“There were a lot of sales in my name. I sell just about everything… (I) haven’t gotten to a garage sale yet, but I’ve sold a lot of stuff,” Everett said honestly.

“This is really not an easy time. No. The entertainment industry, a lot of my friends who were far less fortunate than I was, were terrible.”

Radio host Rob McKnight later asked if Everett was struggling financially, “You’re really at a point where you’re selling stuff?”

“I’m very open about that. You have to endure somehow,” Everett replied.

“They are just treasures. The funny thing is, during this Covid time, the sales are big. The auction is huge. So it turned out to be a good time to sell.

“It kept me going, I can tell you. So thank you everyone for buying.”

Everett last appeared on the Aussie screens in season 3 Australian Celebrity Apprentice in 2013.

And in a wide-ranging interview with in 2019, Everett said he was doing it “a little bit hard financially”, and found it hard to get back into showbiz.

“When you’re not earning and you’re just using what you have, it’s just awful, let me tell you,” he said.

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“This worries me too. I don’t have an agent. I’m not the best at finding work. I don’t want to bother anyone I know in the industry and ask if there’s work in progress.

“I don’t do much. I do a little charity here and there but not much else at all. I feel I still have a lot to offer and I want to offer it.”

Even though resurrected Ready to Cook Greatranking when he replaced Nick Stratford as host in 2006, Everett was brutally sacked just before Christmas in 2010.

“I was at the airport leaving on my way and I got a call from Rory Callaghan (who was the chief executive officer of Southern Star Productions at the time) saying I thought I was better than the show,” Everett told us.

He added: “I said [to him]’I’m a big part of the show, but I just want the best for the show’.

“I said, ‘If my ego is so big and I’m greedy, I’ll ask for a raise’, which I haven’t had in three years, even with the good ratings we have.

“He said, ‘While you’re gone, we’ll be interviewing new people for the show’.”

There were whispers at the time that Everett was “difficult” to work with, and that he clashed with several TV chefs including Manu Feildel and George Calombaris.

Everett did admit to some of the tension on set.

“I don’t think many of them liked me that much, to be honest, in the first season. They don’t like my intimacy,” admits Everett.

“With Manu, when I walked in, I didn’t understand a word he used to say. Seriously, not a word. At one point during the show I joked (after Manu spoke), ‘Thanks so much for that Manu, now we will put subtitles on’. He pouted at me. He could be tied up so I sent him off as French.

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“I then said, ‘Listen, since I’ve been here, all I’ve heard from the audience is they don’t understand anything you’re saying’.

“I said, ‘Please believe me. I will never be rude to you or anyone. Let me play with you’. Manu was a bit slow to believe me but he had that kind of character and eventually he started playing again.”

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