Former MAFS contestant Lizzie Sobinoff debuts new boyfriend

Former MAFS contestant Lizzie Sobinoff has launched her new relationship hard on social media, writing she had “never felt love like this”.

Former Married At First Sight contestant Elizabeth “Lizzie” Sobinoff has launched her boyfriend hard on social media, after revealing at Christmas she was in a new relationship.

Sobinoff, who appeared as a bride in the reality series sixth and seventh seasons, shared a series of photos of the couple to Instagram this morning from their long Easter weekend.

“Yeah, I know some of you might be happy to see my partner’s face. The thing is, many of you know me from reality TV, but it’s TV, there has to be some truth to it, 100% there is some truth to it. But it’s also entertainment,” he wrote in the caption.

“Overall, I’m very personal, I did reality TV a lifetime ago. I am very protective of my partner and there are so many negative gossipy people out there, who go out of their way to talk rubbish.

“I’ve never felt love like this, so hopefully people can see why I’m so protective. I don’t need to justify myself, I understand. We’ve been together for quite a while but I let myself enjoy it. Unbeknownst to others on larger platforms.”

Tens of his more than 400,000 followers left comments to congratulate the couple, writing that they were “so happy” for him and “delighted to see you in love”.

Sobinoff first kicked off their relationship after Christmas, with two photos of them kissing while wearing Santa hats – even though their partner’s faces were covered in emojis.

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He noted at the time that he had “been around for a while”.

“I just wanted to say that I admire the respect you have for your man and didn’t post his face. It’s an honest respect there,” a follower commented on the photos, to which Sobinoff replied, “My life is so different compared to how people might know me (from a show) to me it’s sacred and like my family, I don’t allow access to my many loved ones x.”

Sobinoff first appeared in MAFS in 2019, when she partnered with Sam Ball – who famously had an affair with fellow contestant Ines Basic.

He returned 12 months later as an intruder couple with Seb Guilhaus – and the pair remained together for some time, despite confirming their split last January.

“We both respect each other and are still involved in each other’s lives,” Sobinoff and Guilhaus wrote in the same statement at the time.

“We both love each other and grew up together. We want to send love and good wishes to all.”

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