Former assistant Marilyn Manson prepares for trial after claim she suffered ‘horrific’ abuse

Marilyn Manson’s former assistant is preparing to go to court after claiming she suffered ‘horrific’ abuse at her hands, as the singer attempted a third attempt to drop the case, claiming she had bypassed the statute of limitations because she ‘understood’ her behavior. as wrong when he did.

Ashley Walters, 37, is preparing for a court hearing scheduled for May after the alleged perpetrator launched a third assault on the case, seeking to get rid of it.

Walters claims Manson, 53, sexually, physically and psychologically abused him during work, but the singer claims the only thing that will save him is his “creative writing skills.”

The Brian Warner-born singer also claimed his case violated the two-year statute of limitations, as the alleged abuse took place between 2010 and 2011.

However, Walters claims his case is within timeframe because it falls under a pending discovery rule that allows plaintiffs, in some cases, to start their deadline after understanding their loss and injury.

Among other accusations, Walters claimed Manson forced him to stand for 12 hours and took pictures of him and made him use cocaine to stay awake; whipped him and the others, telling them they could ‘take it;’ and threw an ax when he was angry. He also said he saw him throw the skull brace at Woods so hard it left a mark, Rolling Stone reported.

The singer has denied abusing her and she 'understood' the abuse when it happened

The singer has denied abusing her and she ‘understood’ the abuse when it happened

‘[We] believe that our amended complaint specifically addresses court matters and establishes that Ms. Walters suffered a terrible loss while working for Mr. Warner so that she suppresses most of the abuse she has endured, and that the nature of the abuse should be stripped away [Warner] of any statute of limitations on defense.

“Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to work to uncover who Mr Warner really is, a narcissistic predator and pathological offender,” said his attorney James Vagnini.

The singer claims the case doesn’t fall into this particular category because she ‘understood’ the abuse when it happened, arguing that she had to hide from it while she was working.

“Plaintiff contradictory claims that during her employment she was aware of the need to hide from her employer, while simultaneously alleging that she did not know that her employer was taking actionable action against her,” Manson claims in new court documents, seen by Rolling Stone.

He said he ‘discovered’ his abuse until he met Manson’s ex-girlfriends in October 2020, including Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood and Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco. The latter also sued Manson. He sued Wood recently for libel.

Walters said he “fully understood” his abuse after entering therapy following the encounter, knowing that Manson’s alleged behavior caused him to “almost immediately suppress” his memory.

He initially claimed the abuse began in 2010 at a photo shoot after he contacted her via MySpace and said he liked her photography.

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The singer allegedly pinned her to the bed, bit her ear and forced her hands down her panties. She says she stepped away from him and left the shoot feeling ‘confused and scared'[ful].’

Afterwards, he claims the singer bombarded him with messages and offered to pay extra to stay. Over the following year, he allegedly threw plates at her, threatened to kill herself and pushed her against a wall while drunk, Rolling Stone reported.

Manson was recently spotted attending Kayne West's Sunday Service, the first since women accused him of harassment

Manson was recently spotted attending Kayne West’s Sunday Service, the first since women accused him of harassment

He also allegedly sent him a photo of Bianco’s back showing a whip wound with the subject line: ‘See what happened?’

The former best-selling artist also reportedly took Walters to an awards show in 2010, where he allegedly pushed him into an actor’s lap and said he could ‘own it’, according to the lawsuit.

“The actor continued to kiss Walters and hold him in his lap,” the lawsuit says.

Manson also introduced Walters to a film director who sexually assaulted him.

“It made me feel like a piece of meat,” Walters told The Cut.

Manson denied any assault. He is being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for domestic violence.

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