Flight attendants season 2 on Binge: Kaley Cuoco reveals the big names

Fans of The Flight Attendant, which stars Kaley Cuoco as a partying member of the first-class cabin crew, are on a journey of a lifetime in season two.

The critically acclaimed first season of The Flight Attendant follows Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) whose loud party ways as a first-class cabin crew member land her in hot water when she wakes up next to a murdered man after a night on the town in Bangkok.

The second season offers viewers the journey of a lifetime.

Cassie is determined to solve her problem with booze. Now living in a picturesque Los Angeles bungalow, he navigates the flight deck and drink trolley while working odd jobs as a CIA asset – in between attending AA meetings and trying to keep his personal relationship afloat.

Almost immediately Cassie is caught in another international espionage network, flying from Berlin to Reykjavik and leaving her confused new boyfriend (Santiago Cabrera) and best friends Ani and Max (Zosia Mamet and Deniz Akdeniz) in trouble.

Not only does Cassie have to try to solve a new murder, she has to fight multiple Machiavellian versions of herself in a Cassie-themed multiverse that showrunners call “Mind’s Palace” – a posh bar where Cassie in an evil gold dress forever mixes ginormous cocktails, instigated by Cassie’s doppelganger. the evil one. Playing multiple versions of Cassie is a “rough awakening”, The Big Bang Theory star reveals – but in a good way.

The Flight Attendant was a groundbreaking success in its first season, captivating audiences and wide-eyed critics, Cuoco’s manic pixie personality and addictive mix of mystery and black comedy.

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Set during the coronavirus pandemic, the series capitalizes on the anxiety surrounding travel and drug use, and balances high-flying international intrigue with issues closer to home such as family, friendships, loyalty, mental health, addiction, and recovery.

The show is a rollercoaster ride and Cuoco is no exception in real life. Four days before finishing filming, he tested positive for Covid – the lowest point. But shooting in beautiful Iceland was high: “magical, beautiful (and) life-changing,” Cuoco said.

Initially, the Emmy winner failed in the second season.

“I thought, how can you make it better than (the first season),” he said.

Now, she feels the second season is “100 times bigger” in terms of location and guest stars, including comedian Margaret Cho and Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone as Cassie’s estranged mother.

But while Cuoco may have learned how to use emergency exits in her role as a flight attendant, she doesn’t vouch for this event.

“You know, this was my baby from the start, so I was on the show,” said the actor, who firmly believes Chris Bohjalian’s best-selling novel, The Flight Attendant, would be the perfect small-screen vehicle for him.

Cuoco is primarily known for comedy so dramatic tension – along with assuming the responsibilities of an executive producer – is a new challenge.

“I think it’s brave and risky to go again after things went well (in the first season),” he said.

However, finding the right pitch is like “walking a tightrope”.

“There were times where I would be like, ‘OK, I’m going to do this very funny and Lucille Ball’. And then my next take was like, ‘You know what? I’ll cry’.

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Most importantly, Cuoco wanted Cassie’s story to be told in the “authentic” way.

“We are a comedy show, but there are some very unfunny parts about this. And as a producer, I want to make sure that I show it in the best possible way.

“It doesn’t feel worn. It doesn’t feel fake. I want people to be able to relate to this girl. It’s just a girl struggling.

“And the second season, he said he came to his senses and he had a whole new life and everything was fine. And you know, he literally lied to everyone around him and to himself.”

Unlike his character who spirals out of control, Cuoco, 36, sits in the pilot’s seat.

“I like to produce. I will never have my fingerprints on anything I do in the future. I think it’s very important that we have a say in what we show the world.”

If you thought the first season was a fun ride, grab your luggage and join the second season.

“It’s a pleasant experience. I just want to be like last season, but as good as we can be – if not better. And I think we did that.”

The Flight Attendant, season 2, premieres on BINGE with double episodes on Thursday

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