Flash Screening Leak Teases 10-20 minute Team-up with Affleck’s Batman

A leak from The Flash trial suggests a suitably epic team between Scarlet Speedster and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Obvious details about Ben Affleck’s role in The lightning appeared after a recent test.

A leak on Reddit suggests that there is a team between Affleck’s Batman and Ezra Miller’s Flash that lasts for almost the first 20 minutes of the film, with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman rescuing the Dark Knight from certain death. Authorized ViewerAnon confirmed this information, but clarified that the team could be closer in 10-15 minutes.

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The lightning is expected to be Affleck’s last appearance as Batman. That said, Miller has teased a sequel to Affleck’s Batman beyond the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie. Most notably, the actor posted an image of Affleck’s Caped Crusader with a “HA HA HA” that looks like a Joker written on it. Behind Batfleck was the text from a January interview in which the actor explained that he enjoyed playing The Dark Knight on Warner Bros. next Shine movie, with the words “one last time” underlined using the same tagging tool that created the laughter captions.

“I’ve never said that – this is hot from the press – but maybe my favorite scenes about Batman and the Batman interpretation I’ve done were Shine movie, “Affleck said in the aforementioned interview.” I hope they maintain the integrity of what we did because I thought it was great and really interesting – different, but not in a way that fits the character. Who knows? They may decide it doesn’t work, but when I went and did it, it was really fun and really, really satisfying and encouraging and I thought, “Wow – I think I finally got it.”

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Affleck recently explained that the mess Justice League Production led him to the DC Extended Universe, leaving him in the role of Batman. “It was a bad experience because of a number of things: my own life, my divorce, my excessive absence, my competing agendas and so on. [director] Zak [Snyder]”Προσωπ προσωπ’s personal tragedy and the new shootings”, he said. “It simply came to our notice then. It was awful. It’s all I did not like about it. It was the moment I said, “I’m not doing this anymore.”

The lightning Comes to theaters on June 23, 2023.

Source: Reddit

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