Fans have * Thoughts * for a mysterious line in the new Harry Styles Bop

Who gave Harry Styles permission to be so horny on main with his new video clip? Unless you’ve been playing loop all day like some of us, the young Harold has released his newest single today and it’s a wonderful boop that takes us through the fall.

The new track “As It Was” fell bright and early this morning and brought with it a beautifully choreographed and shot video clip.

Has it put me in complete collapse seeing Harry wearing a red, sequins and puffy suit? Absolutely. And when he undressed in matching red jokes? Honestly, I look with respect.

Intense fans with sharp ears got a possible reference to Olivia WildeHis two children are woven into the lyrics of this new Harry’s piece.

Deep down the bridge before the track closes, Harry sings about someone leaving America with his children.

“I do not want to talk about the way it was,” he sings.

“She left America, she is followed by two children. “I do not want to talk about who does it first.”

TikTok fans believe that this particular verse could also is a reference to his parents after their divorce when his mom moved from America back to the UK with Harry and his sister Gemma.


this bridge is over for me. #OneDirection #HarryStyles

♬ original sound – Sophie × ͜ ×

At the top of the track, we hear a child begging that he wants to say goodnight to Harry, who could also be one of Olivia’s two children. A comment in Genius estimates that the voice belongs to the daughter of the filmmaker Ben Winstonwho is Harry’s goddess.

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Another beautiful Easter egg for Harry’s newest piece is for the team that produced the video clip – and it probably caused the collective heartbeat of the world to skyrocket.

Tanu Muino – who directed the video – is Ukrainian, as is her team. He said working with Harry on the “As It Was” video clip was bittersweet. Firstly because it was a “dream for the same list”, but the second day of filming was on February 24th. The day Russia invaded Ukraine.

“Directing a Harry Styles video was a dream come true for me as he is my favorite performer,” Tanu said.

“Shooting him was bittersweet as it was one of the happiest days of my life, but on the second day of filming, my country Ukraine was invaded, so you can imagine the crazy feelings we had on set.

“My team and I from Ukraine poured so much love into this video and you can see it on the screen. It will be a music video that I will never forget and now I can happily retire “.

Oh God, my heart. Knowing this and watching the video clip again gives it all that extra depth. It’s even more it’s amazing now and i will cry even louder every time i see it, just aware what that group experienced emotionally on set.

Damn Harry, a way to destroy us spiritually with it.

Harry’s new album Harry’s house is expected to be released on May 20 and you can arrange yourself with a pre-order on the album’s website.


Image: YouTube / Harry Styles

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