Explanation of the 6th season of Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders spoilers follow.

Tommy Shelby’s fate has been decided Peaky Blinders as we know it has happened, and as expected, it came with more than a few twists.

With the threat of tuberculosis threatening to kill him, Michael (Finn Cole) vowing to kill him in revenge for Polly’s death, and his business and family collapsing around him, there were more than a few loose cords for to tie from the show. end.

See what happened to the main characters and what that means for the upcoming movie.

Tommy Shelby

Cillian Murphy, Peaky Blinders, Season 6


Tommy spends the vast majority of the final episode preparing for death – but the nine-life cat manages to live to fight another day. The movie now definitely promises the return of Cillian Murphy and his flat hat for another release.

Believing he had tuberculosis, Tommy made his final preparations, tied his wide ends and even blew up his house to make way for new homes for the Birmingham working class.

He then retired, saying goodbye to his family and handing everything over to Anta, in order to die alone in solitude with his horses. But then a message from his dead daughter, Ruby, gave him some clarity that literally gave him a new lease of life.

Although he lived with the weight of tuberculosis for the last three episodes, it turned out to be a trick, performed by Mosley and his fascist group with the help of Dr Holford, who was so closely associated with the group that was still and present at Mosley’s marriage to Diana Mitford, seeing Adolf Hitler as a best man.

A marriage newspaper article showed Tommy the truth – that Dr. Holford, who gave him the fatal diagnosis, was part of an elaborate scam.

Holford later rationalizes his actions, saying Tommy is a “sick man.” Although he holds a gun to his head, Tommy eventually decides to spare his life, revived by the knowledge that he is not going to die.

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Returning to the caravan he now lives in, he sees it burning. Instead of fighting it, he goes to his horse ready to make a new life for himself.

Duke Selby

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Tommy Shelby Cillian Murphy and Duke Shelby Conrad Khan


Duke is completely in the corral within weeks, admitting he had killed a man before joining the Blinders – a commander who refused to help his mom in a hospital because she was a gypsy. It turns out that he was upset to see the horrible moment of the last episode, because he found it “unfair”, not because the blood made him sick.

And as it happens, it is also a very good shot. With the traitor Billy Grade meeting his builder in his arms with the help of Isiah and Finn being permanently expelled from the family as a result of bringing a traitor to the ranks, it turns out there was a reason Finn was hardly seen at all not at all this season – they did not trust him.

Under Tommy’s command, Isiah and Duke began cleaning Tommy’s house, with Finn and Billy later appearing to celebrate. They were only ambushed, with Billy being shot in the head and Finn leaving while taking an oath of revenge after Duke announces, at the behest of the Peaky Blinders, that he is no longer Shelby.

Arthur Selby

Arthur Selby, Peaky Blinders, Season 6, Episode 2


A recently clean Arthur came back from the rim we had seen him all season and was in charge of the IRA surgery ward, waiting patiently at the Garrison pub for Captain Swing and her cohorts to come and get him.

But a Shelby always has a plan, and it didn’t take long for things to get complicated with a huge exchange of shots that followed. Arthur was next to Jeremiah and his crew, with Swing and her associates quickly outnumbered – even with a sniper assisting them.

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After finally pouring mustard gas into the mix, the Peaky Blinders emerge victorious, with Arthur giving Swing enough recovery to breathe before shooting her in the heart in revenge for what he did to Aunt Poly.

Arthur is the only person in the family that Tommy says about his diagnosis and is too upset to be at his brother’s last farewell dinner. But now that he’s alive, a reunion could be on paper – just in time for the movie.

Michael Gray

peaky blinders finn cole as Michael Gray


For someone who monologued on camera about how much he wanted to kill Tommy Shelby all season, Michael actually failed.

Almost as soon as he arrived, he was thrown off track by a reunion with Gina, who tells him about plans to kill not only Tommy, but also Arthur, young Charlie and the newly arrived Duke. The idea throws Michael, who at least has stood in the policy of killing “not children, not women.”

Arranging to meet Tommy in Canada, he devises a plan to place a bomb in his car – only he does not expect Johnny Dogs to be there to change it to his own, while Michael distracts Tommy.

When the bomb explodes, Michael gets upset when he finds out that his job is not over and Tommy shoots him in the eye, ending Polly’s prophecy that there will be a war and one of them will die.

Alfie Solomons

Tom Hardy Alfie Solomons, Peaky Blinders, season 6, episode 2


Alfie Solomons did a very good job for himself in the final episode – setting a new life in Boston as the region’s top bootlegger thanks to Tommy who killed his rival. In response, he signed his job in Camden Town with the Blinders.


Lizzie and Tommy Shelby, Peaky Blinders, season 6, episode 2


Lizzie officially reached the end of her bondage after discovering that Tommy had slept with Diana Mitford and decided to leave him. Still saddened by the death of her daughter, Ruby, she is surprised when Tommy’s son, Charlie, asks to come with her instead of staying with him.

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“You may not be my mom, but you’re more my mom than my dad.” says the 12-year-old and Tommy retreats, believing that he is dying anyway and that his child will be taken care of.

It is not known what happened to her, nor how she will find out the truth about Tommy.

Peaky Blinders Series 6 is now available on BBC iPlayer and will be available on Netflix from June 10.

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