Dr Charlie Teo is engaged to his girlfriend Traci Griffiths, social media posts suggest

Sydney neurosurgeon Charlie Teo could be swapping scrubs for wedding suits soon after revealing social media posts hinting he was recently engaged to his girlfriend Traci Griffiths.

The couple met when Ms Griffiths sought Dr Teo’s expert advice in 2009, although they didn’t start dating until 11 years later after the brain surgeon separated from his wife.

Rumors of marriage have followed the renowned surgeon and his former patient for more than a year, but it seems now that there may be some truth to the whisperings.

Griffiths, a vegan activist and fitness influencer, has used the hashtag open in photos of the couple to hint at a change in their relationship status.

The former model has consistently tagged photos of herself and Dr Teo with references to “#myhero” and “#mybestfriend” throughout their relationship, but she increased the hashtags in May to “#myfiance” and “#ilovemyfiance”.

The revelation was buried in a number of hashtags attached to a photo of Ms Griffiths at the Charlie Teo Foundation Ball more than two months ago.

The engagement hint continued in June with photos of the costumed couple attending a Great Gastby themed birthday party.

The photos from that evening are captioned with the same hashtag of fiancee and a nod to Dr Teo’s newsboy outfit.

After giving tantalizing advice, Griffiths remains silent on the topic of his relationship.

The animal activist has not posted further photos of the pair on his social media accounts and no more revealing hashtags.

Neither he nor Dr Teo responded to requests for comment about the engagement.

An interesting clue comes as Dr Teo has taken a step back from his job as a neurosurgeon after the condition was imposed on his medical registration last year following complaints from colleagues.

In August 2021, the NSW Medical Council barred Dr Teo from performing high-risk surgery without the written consent of a second independent neurosurgeon.

The restrictions will remain in place until next month.

Prior to reviewing his medical practice, Dr Teo had built his reputation by operating on those with incurable or inoperable brain cancer.

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