Dominik Speaks “Jesse James” Longer Cut

Dominik Talks Jesse James Longer Cut
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Western revisionist Andrew Dominik’s 2007 film “The Murder of Jesse James by Cowardly Robert Ford” remains a modern masterpiece fifteen years later.

The film is best known for Roger Deakins’ cinematography, powerful performances, and extraordinary craftsmanship. At 160 minutes, it’s a film moving at its own pace, but people seem to have grown more open to longer runtimes in recent years.

With Dominik out doing early press for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ documentary “This Much I Know to Be True” and gearing up for the release of Marilyn Monroe-inspired drama “Blonde” later this year, the New Zealand-born man grew up in Australia. The writer/director recently spoke with Collider about rumors of a longer film being cut.

Some time ago Deakins told the outlet in another interview: “I’d really like to see the full length version, the first cut I’ve seen, released on Criterion. That’s what I expected… It’s been more than three hours.” He then went on to say he saw the version over three hours old and he thought that there was a first cut of four hours.

Now, Dominik confirms that longer chunks do exist:

“Look, we’re trying to get Warner Bros. to allow us to release a longer version. They have no interest in doing it, and I think someone is trying to petition Criterion to do so. Criterion is not interested in Jesse James.

There is a better version of Jesse James – in my opinion – which is about 15 minutes longer. And that’s what Roger was talking about. He had never seen anything longer than that.

There’s a three-hour version, right? 15 minutes longer than it really is, three hours. There’s never been a better four-hour version, believe me.”

Dominik says there are actually two other cuts – one five minutes longer than the theatre, one fifteen minutes longer and he thinks both are better. One of the main differences between them is that the longer version has “great views” but ends up at the curb in a theatrical cut.

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“This Much I Know to Be True” will hit theaters for global cinema events on May 11 while “Blonde” will hit Netflix later this year.

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