Dive into the Deep End at This New Pizza Joint – Where Chunky and Cheesy Chicago Style Pies rule

Melbourne does a lot of things really well – coffee, rooftop bars, theatre. And pizza.

And now there’s a new player who’s bringing a slice of American style to the inner north. Tomorrow, Deep End opens on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, hosted by chef and co-owner Paul Kasten (Deeds Taproom and Host Dining).

“I’m kind of obsessed with [pizza] for decades now,” said Kasten Sheet width. “For a long time, I’ve wanted to take all the techniques and product knowledge I’ve picked up for cooking very subtle meals and apply them to more casual and accessible concepts.”

Deep End will differentiate itself by offering three iconic pizza styles: thin crust New York; crunchy Detroit-style focaccia base; and large Chicago-style pizzas – which Kasten says are not as common in Melbourne as others.

“It has a soft top and bottom crust stuffed with a pile of cheese and toppings in between, and pizza sauce baked on top,” he says. “This is a very decadent once-in-a-lifetime choice, but one that is sure to grab people’s attention – as it did for me while studying a few hours from Chicago.”

There are a variety of classic and center-left toppings, including scallop pie with bacon and Grana Padano, and Thyme Crisis with garlic, mascarpone, mozzarella, potatoes, and guanciale. Plus, four different chili salts, each spicier than the next.

In terms of sides, expect the brléed chicken liver parfait, whipped taleggio with scallion and charred focaccia, and decadent roasted bone marrow with toast and herby salad.

Step into the “deepest end of Brunswick Street” – behind a graffiti-strewn exterior – into a casual, industrial space, splashed with bold reds. Kasten is joined by co-owners of beer connoisseurs Kate Paterson, Kyle Campbell and Rasmus Gundel, so it’s no surprise that the local craft beer game is strong here, plus you’ll find easy-to-drink wines and cocktails.

Kasten wants it to be a space for everyone: “That local favorite pizza shop is just one of the things we love, whether it’s celebratory, we’re having a tough day and need something entertaining, or just want to eat. something we knew we would love.”

And – as an opening event – ​​the restaurant is handing out 100 larger-than-usual Detroit-style pizza slices on Wednesday June 29 from 12 noon until sold out. They will come from a new takeaway-slice window that opens the same day.

Deep End opens on Friday 24 June.

Deep End

412a Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


Wednesday to Sunday 12pm–14:30, 6pm–11pm


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